”Diamonds” : A brilliant book on an exceptional stone

Assouline Editions, in collaboration with the Natural Diamond Council, has published the book ”Diamonds” , a real dive into the world of this multifaceted precious stone. A must-have to know everything about this symbol of luxury.


A massive 260 pages, filled with magnificent photographs and punctuated with stories, legends and interviews, “Diamonds” is the new reference book on the world’s most prized stone.


In today’s world, diamonds are as much a part of luxury, glamour and dreams as they have been throughout history. But as representations of these ideals change, so do diamonds,” comments Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, who wrote a foreword to “Diamonds” .


”Diamond” invites you to discover the world of the world’s most prized stone. © National Diamond Council.


Natural diamonds were formed deep in the earth billions of years ago through complex geological, chemical and physical processes.


Once reserved for royalty, red carpets and life’s happiest moments, diamonds were seen as symbols of wealth and prosperity that few had access to. But, a new generation of young designers, as well as traditional jewellery houses, including Sabyasachi, Messika, or Fernando Jorge, are making natural diamonds an everyday luxury. Today’s designers magnify diamonds in their collections in unexpected ways, not afraid to play with interesting cuts and shimmering colours.


The book offers a retrospective of the current representation of natural diamonds and their continuing impact on the world, immersing the reader in stories about these captivating stones, from the Hope Diamond to the legendary Beau Sancy.


The book is adorned with beautiful photographs and punctuated with stories about the diamond. © National Diamond Council.


The Natural Diamond Council‘s mission is to promote the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry by inspiring and educating consumers worldwide. “Diamonds are associated with mythical moments, forever etched in the collective memory. But out of the spotlight, all over the world, we all have our own diamond-related memories, reminding us of the magic of once-in-a-lifetime moments,” says David Kellie, CEO of the Natural Diamond Council. The organisation is proud to have been able, with the collaboration of Assouline, to bring this book to life to share its passion by inviting the reader to discover the universe of this eternal gem.


The book is on sale in bookshops or on the assouline.com website for 95€.





Featured photo : © National Diamond Council

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