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A subsidiary of Société Générale, BoursoBank (formerly Boursorama Banque) offers its many customers a top-of-the-range bank card. Called Metal, it offers numerous advantages for its users. We present them to you in detail in this article!


Metal: the top-of-the-range bank card from Bourse Bank


BoursoBank, one of the cheapest online banks in France, according to Detective-banque’s review of Boursorama, is constantly innovating. A case in point is its new Metal bank card, the most premium offering from this financial institution to date. Materially, this is a metal card, resistant and eco-responsible. A significant part of its composition (75%) is made from recycled materials. Its meticulous design also sets it apart from its peers. But the advantages of this new card go far beyond its aesthetic appeal.


Good reasons to choose the Metal card


In terms of services, this new offer makes it easier to carry out transactions in France and abroad. The Visa Metal card, priced at €9.90 per month, offers free withdrawals and payments in any currency. This compares favorably with most other cards, which charge 1.69% of the withdrawal amount, from one (1) to three (3) withdrawals per month! Travelers can take advantage of the Smart Delay service available on this top-of-the-range bank card. This gives you access to airport lounges without spending a single cent when your flight is delayed.

The card’s limits are just as attractive. For example, cardholders are authorized to withdraw up to 3,000 euros per week and make payments of up to 50,000 euros per month. However, these limits can also be adjusted when the account is opened, as BoursoBank aims to offer its holders genuine financial freedom. Interesting, isn’t it?


Insurance to protect you and your personal belongings


Another plus of the Metal card: in the event of identity theft or damage to e-reputation, the cardholder is covered for up to €15,000. That’s enough to easily cover the various costs associated with these losses. What’s more, this ultra-premium card also covers the loss of everyday items such as payment instruments, leather goods, keys, cell phones and tablets. This means you can obtain up to €100 for stolen leather goods, and up to €300 for lost or stolen keys. In the case of stolen papers, compensation can reach €300.

Finally, for the breakage or theft of a smartphone or tablet, BoursoBank will pay up to €800 if they are less than five (5) years old. And in the event of breakdown of household appliances in your home, compensation of up to €5,000 is provided (reimbursement, replacement or repair of the appliance as appropriate). The advantage of such coverage is that it’s free, as Boursorama Protection packs are included at no extra cost.


In concrete terms, the Bourosama Banque METAL card offers customers a number of interesting advantages:


Unlimited free withdrawals in any currency;
Very high payment and withdrawal limits;
Access to airport lounges;
Transfers free of charge;
Up to 15,000 euros cover in the event of fraud;


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