Discovering the hotel Burj al Arab, the epitome of luxury

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, so much that it is often referred to as a seven-star hotel. But now you don’t have to book a suite to enjoy the interior. The Dubai hotel is opening its doors to visitors, who can now come and admire this unique building.


The Burj al Arab was born from the imagination of British architect Tom Wright who, in 1993, drew the first draft of the project on a paper napkin, which is now, 22 years after the opening of the hotel, on display in its interior.


The staircase to the Royal Suite. Featured photo: Tripadvisor


From now on, there is no need to stay overnight to admire the very luxurious interior of the Burj al Arab. For one hundred dollars, visitors can now enjoy a 90-minute tour of this pinnacle of luxury. As Andy Nicholson, director of the Inside Burj al Arab experience, explains, 2021 is a special year for Dubai. Not only is the UAE celebrating its 50th anniversary, but Dubai is also hosting the first World Expo in the Middle East. “The spotlight is on Dubai, and it seems like the perfect time to open up one of the city’s icons to visitors,” says Andy Nicholson.


The Burj al Arab has several restaurants, including a panoramic. Featured photo : Tripadvisor

The tour of this illustrious hotel will therefore last 90 minutes. It will begin with a buggy ride across the 340-metre bridge to the private island on which the hotel stands. Visitors will then be offered a glass of rose water, followed by a tour of the Royal Suite, with anecdotes about the architecture of the hotel. Throughout the tour, original sketches by interior designer Khuan Chew will also be on display to give visitors a better understanding of the history of the hotel.


The palace has several suites, each one more luxurious than the next. Featured photo: Tripadvisor


Measuring 321 metres, the hotel is the symbol of the city of Dubai. Its shape is one of the most famous examples of contemporary architecture. The Burj al Arab has no less than 56 floors and three basements. It also has a heliport and a panoramic restaurant. In the rooms, the showers are embellished with 24-carat gold tiles, and the duvets are filled with Icelandic duck feathers. A menu of pillows is available, so each guest can choose the one that will give them the best possible sleep. The ceiling of its atrium is decorated with 21,000 Swarovski crystals arranged to represent the Milky Way. A profusion of luxury, which explains the hotel’s worldwide reputation.


The Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab. Featured photo: Tripadvisor

It is a unique experience that the hotel offers to its visitors who cannot afford to spend a night there, allowing them to discover what this magnificent building has been hiding from the general public until now.




Featured Photo : © Pixabay

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