Discovering the Parisian stores that innovate

Like the stores, local services and other Parisian cafés that try an aesthetic and phygital approach, the Paris Shop & Design prize rewards innovative initiatives in the heart of the capital. Here’s an overview of these new must-sees.


The Paris Shop & Design award recognizes the most successful design and architectural initiatives in the conception of retail spaces, whether they be shops, cafés, hotels or restaurants in Paris.


The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has enlisted the help of a jury of experts, chaired by designer Patrick Jouin, to reward the six best projects that are less than three years old. An ode to functionality, ergonomics and the experience offered to prospects and customers.




Today’s new living spaces are multi-functional. After the café/bookstore stores, we are witnessing a new kind of place in which one can spend hours. This is the case of Chapelle XIV which gathers at the same time a vinyl record shop, an art gallery and a printing workshop. This place has for vocation to make dialogue between different artistic disciplines while remaining convivial and open. The architecture without partitions initiates a dialogue between art and music in order to dive completely from one universe to the other.


Chapelle XIV © Frederic Lucano


This multicultural approach is also shared by Joe&Joe, this new hybrid hotel in Nation. It has a versatile approach and a special atmosphere. Between the dormitories, the atypical rooms, the restaurant and the rooftop, the choice remains vast for its Parisian stay.


Luxury reinvented


In the heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, we find this pretty boutique 111, at the corner of the Saint Vincent de Paul church. Maurice et la Matelasserie offers personalized and durable mattresses at 111. But that’s not all. This high-end place, in complete break with the traditional bedding spaces, offers several universes depending on the space. In fact, you can find an art gallery, a workshop, a residence room and the Matelasserie in a decor that inspires calm and sensuality.


Maurice et la Matelasserie © Edouard Auffrey


On the fashion side, we branch off to the Faubourg Saint-Honoré at Michel Vivien. The warm atmosphere of the place envelops you, giving pride of place to luxury in detail. Opposite a walnut wall that draws the undulation of a wave guiding the eye to the back of the boutique, shoes sit on solid wood shelves, lit by oval Murano blown glass sconces and high gold leaf mirrors.


Michel Vivien shop /Sophie Dries Architect © Valerio Geraci

Experience seeking


Patrick Roger has always been a UFO in the landscape of Parisian boutiques; his sense of aesthetics is enough to turn consumers upside down. This is still the case with his new boutique on rue de Sèvres, designed by Pascale Grasso. Blurring the boundaries between chocolate store, art gallery and art installation, you don’t just go there to buy chocolate. The universe of the store catches us completely. And when we taste it, we remember this experience, unusual in the world of gastronomy.


Boutique Annick Goutal © Boks Architecture


Let’s continue to the heart of the 5 senses with the sense of smell. Annick Goutal, a perfumer for 40 years, has opened a new boutique in the 7th arrondissement that combines poetry and nature. This confidential boutique has managed to free itself from the constraints of space to highlight the crafts. Birds and gold leaf decorations take us almost into another century, a real curiosity book for a moment out of time.





Featured photo : © Patrick Roger shop – David Boureau

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