Emmanuel Oger: An artist out of time

Who hasn’t dreamed of changing their life and daily routine? Emmanuel Oger dared to do so. Five years ago, he decided to quit his job to devote himself entirely to his great passion: artistic creation.


Now self-taught, Emmanuel Oger was previously in the service of others for more than 20 years in event communication. Not afraid to enter a field thousands of years away from his job, he is motivated by the expression of his heart and the authenticity that he sees as the most courageous freedom.


Thanks to the richness of our French craftsmanship recognized worldwide for its excellence, he decided to tackle the rooster, the iconic French symbol. “I was looking for a symbol of France, the rooster became an obvious choice, sublimating it” explains the artist.



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With his ambition to produce the Beautiful and the Authentic, the Gallus project was born, which wants to “embody the elegance and a renewal in the pride of our French state of mind”. Thanks to the latter, he has been the subject of several exhibitions throughout France, including one at the Elysée Palace last September during the Heritage Days.


Coq'Ardes en coffret
The Coq’Arde box set limited to 1789 copies and sold at 1789€, price and quantity chosen in honor of the year of the French Revolution. One of them was offered to the French President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. © Emmanuel Oger


He has chosen to live in Lorraine, the great land of porcelain, surrounded by master craftsmen to produce his works. “I learn and practice with them, relying on their expertise and love of a job well done,” Emmanuel Oger emphasizes.


He learned everything on the job. And the result is amazing. Each rooster is like a canvas. His instinctive approach allows him to satisfy his desires and it is his heart that guides him. Inspired by the abstract art of Piet Mondrian as much as by Japanese Art, he navigates through all these worlds with elegance and pride.


His credo is the alliance between tradition and innovation. He works with a factory in Limoges, the cradle of porcelain, and uses workshops in Nancy for painting and varnishing. Mythical places that are part of the French tradition.


His series: Coq’Art and its bright colors impertinent in the world of bodywork; Coq’As, a super Gallus, hero of modern times with the superpower of the Art of Being Self; Coq’Arde, the colors of the French flag and the values it embodies: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; exceptional Gallus, unique works faithful to French symbols (the Harlequin, Madame l’Aristocrate); personalized Gallus, made at the request of collectors and individuals.


Vaillant et sensuel
Coq’Art. © Emmanuel Oger


The Gallus project is a catalyst for artists and artisans to bring the greatness of France’s past into the present. For nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.




Featured photo : © Emmanuel Oger

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