Equinoxes: when Recycle Group meets the Maison Camille Fournet

For the eighth edition of the Equinoxes program, Maison Camille Fournet called on the Russian artist group Recycle Group to imagine a new creative space in its boutique at 5 rue Cambon. When art and leather goods meet, it gives a surprising and fascinating mix.


Eight editions, eight artists and eight equinoxes. Every six months, the Maison Camille Fournet invites an artist or group of artists to “look at their world”.


This year, it’s Recycle Group, a group of artists from the North of France, who are putting down their suitcases, or rather their creations, within the walls of the pretty Camille Fournet boutique at 5, rue Cambon, to rethink the spaces. Surrounded by bags, watches and wooden furniture, the work is glued to the mirror, which itself occupies a central place on a white wall, as if it were one with the decor.

Between web and mythology


The equinox is a perfect balance between day and night. And the male duo Recycle Group illustrates it well with this pixelated and squared creation. They take over the web space in real and question our perception of reality and the world around us.


For this Parisian project, Recycle Group was inspired by the Greek myth Phaeton, a character who loses control of the chariot before being exiled from the sky. Here, the metaphor shows a person who, after losing his virtual personality, breaks down into small squares (or pixels) after being exiled from the web. A modern reference to mythology.



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During the presentation of the work, the two artists, Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov, explained that the Greek world has been part of their culture since childhood.


They also described how, through this structure, the work of the material echoes the Maison Camille Fournet. Here, it is not leather but recycled plastic from garden fencing that was used to create this work. Just like her, the Camille Fournet bags are a real architectural work of the House, which likes to play with shapes, with their folds, but also materials and colors.


According to the artists of Recycle Group, the creative process is triggered in moments “when you are in symbiosis with your environment and during which your memory is not loaded by external processes. An idea is a subtle matter that can be born in a plane, or not born for a long time“.



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Une publication partagée par Camille Fournet (@camillefournet)

A meeting that lasts


Recycle Group and Camille Fournet, it’s a story that lasts. The first meeting was in 2012, a few years after the creation of the duo (2006). The two artists met the creators of the brand, Françoise and Jean-Luc Déchery, and exchanged on a common passion: creation. Very quickly, they forge a bond and continue to discuss, especially on the theme of the myths of antiquity, which will lead them to present the eighth edition of Equinoxes.


At the end of the presentation of the work, the floor is left to the audience. Between poetry, leap in time and reference to contemporary art and the Venice Biennale, this white and squared creation made its effect, without any doubt!



Featured photo : ©Camille Fournet

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