Euro 2021: The manufacturing secrets of the Henri-Delaunay trophy signed by Arthus-Bertrand

This Sunday, July 11, 2021 will remain a historic day for Italy, which won the Euro in the final against England. This second triumph of Italy at the Euro after 1968 ended with the traditional presentation of the cup. Back to the Henri-Delaunay trophy, awarded since 1960 to the winners of the European soccer championship.


This trophy, unlike the World Cup or the Champions League, remains too often unknown to the general public.



The cup is named after one of the founding members and former General Secretary of UEFA : Henri Delaunay. While the tournament was created in 1960, the idea of organizing a Euro soccer tournament emerged in Delaunay’s mind as early as the 1920s. This sports leader did not have the pleasure of attending the first edition of the competition, having died in 1955 of an incurable disease.


Thus, it is Arthus-Bertrand, a Parisian jeweler, who designed in the 50s the cup inspired by Roman vases. Created by Chobillon, already designer of the French Cup, this object cost 20 000 francs or 3000 euros at the time of UEFA. Its value has increased considerably over time: this trophy is now estimated at 22,500 euros. Another masterpiece to add to the list of achievements of the Maison Arthus-Bertrand: the jeweler became known in the mid-19th century for its silks, gold and silver embroidered flags, military equipment and decorations, including the prestigious Legion of Honor.


The trophy was originally made of silver, measuring 60 centimeters high, with a square black base, and weighing about 8kg. Nevertheless, the base will be removed in 2008, because it was considered too heavy to lift during the celebration at the end of the match, and now measures 10 cm less.



The victorious team keeps the Henri-Delaunay Cup in its stadium for 4 years, provided that it takes care of it. Because this cup is an original, and will be given definitively only when a team will have won the Euro five times, or three times consecutively. Spain came close to this feat in 2008 and 2012, before giving way to Portugal in 2016, winner of France in a match that still remains in the memory of many fans.


See you in 2024, in Germany, to see which nation will have the honor to lift the famous Henri-Delaunay Cup !





Featured photo : © Getty Images

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