Exhibition “La Vallée”: the Fondation Cartier welcomes Fabrice Hyber

The exhibition conceived by the artist Fabrice Hyber can be seen until 30 April 2023, at the Fondation Cartier. Guided tour.


Created by Fabrice Hyber, the exhibition “La Vallée” was conceived as a school exhibition, in which the rooms seem to be designed for lessons and the blackboard is replaced by large-format works. The visitor thus passes through different “classrooms” along a path that follows the twists and turns of the artist’s thinking.


© Michel Slomka / MYOP – Lumento


This large monograph of 60 works (including fifteen made especially for the occasion) dedicated to Fabrice Hyber bears witness both to the artist’s environmental commitment and to his lifelong project, through his questions and hypotheses put into drawings and paintings. An artistic and ecological project that has been carried out since 1990 in the land of his childhood, the Vendée.


Short videos accompany each work and allow us to follow the path that led to their creation. The artist tackles various subjects of study such as the water cycle, the climate, plastic, disease… and mediators are present to discuss them.


© Michel Slomka / MYOP – Lumento



The exhibition also reflects Fabrice Hyber’s forest project, a place of discovery that the artist is growing in the heart of the Vendée bocage, around the former farm of his parents, sheep farmers. He sowed more than 300,000 tree seeds of several hundred different species. Little by little, he transformed the fields into forest and the landscape followed its own rules.



To visit until 23 April 2023 at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art contemporain. More information here.





Featured photo : © Michel Slomka / MYOP – Lumento

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