Fendi supports Roman heritage

The Italian luxury house Fendi has participated in the renovation of Roman architectural treasures with the help of the Colosseum Archaeological Park.


After 15 months of work under the patronage of the Italian luxury house Fendi and the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, the restoration of the Temple of Venus and Rome in the Italian capital allows the building to regain some of its original splendor.


The restoration work, which lasted from September 2020 to July 2021, allowed the recent reopening of the prestigious Roman historical site. A team of more than 60 professionals worked to restore this ancient monument built between 121 and 135, under the Emperor Hadrian, to its former glory. The renovation was sponsored and co-financed by Fendi to the tune of 2.5 million euros, in collaboration with the Colosseum Archaeological Park.



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After contributing to the restoration of the Trevi Fountain in 2013, the Italian house decided to restore the Italian heritage. Located on the hill opposite the Colosseum, the temple was built on a rectangular podium and with a surface area of 15,000 square meters, represents the largest temple in ancient Rome. Its unique configuration is marked by its Greek architectural influence and its Roman imprint, especially in its construction technique and the management of space related to divine cults. With more than 200 marble columns and a decoration partially in gold, the building testifies to the symbolic value of the place. Initially, the temple had a ritual function of anniversary celebration, which is manifested by the two cult spaces: one dedicated to Venus, towards the Colosseum and the other to the goddess Rome, towards the Capitol.



The restoration of the temple has made it more accessible to the public, with the ultimate goal of preserving and displaying the splendor of the place. The structure of the building is now consolidated, its spaces have been redecorated while a work of light emphasizes the great geometric forms and details of the building. The reopening to the public of this masterpiece of ancient architecture is complemented by the publication of a book entitled Il Tempio di Venere e Romala, which presents a photographic series by the artist Stefano Castellani. It shows the main stages of the renovation and is illustrated with archival images. Also included are photos of the presentation fashion show of the Fendi Couture collection, held in the venue, in July 2019.





Featured photo : © Fendi

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