Five exceptional 2024 galettes des rois beans

With both classic and highly original flavours, the sweets of Epiphany 2024 promise moments of tasting and sharing that are not to be missed. But what we particularly like about this tradition is the famous hidden bean, which adds a touch of suspense to every bite. Here’s a selection of five galettes des rois that reveal beans as aesthetically pleasing as they are precious.


No cake without a bean. But this combination, which makes perfect sense today, is not new. The tradition has its roots in Roman times, when the god Saturn was celebrated with great festivities during the winter solstice. Patricians and slaves would feast together over a large meal and a cake, the bean of which would allow the chosen one to become king for a day and give pledges.

Under the influence of the Church in the 14th century, the galette began to be eaten on Epiphany, the religious feast linked to the visit of the three wise men to the infant Jesus at the beginning of January. Since then, the bean has been almost as important as the dessert itself, particularly in the eyes of the children who try to crown themselves with the crown at the end of the meal.


The galette des rois at the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir


Galette du Ritz Paris Le Comptoir ©Bernard Winkelmann


This year, pastry chef François Perret has opted for tradition for the galette des rois at the Ritz Paris. The sweetness combines the classic flavours and textures of this dessert, with butter puff pastry and almond frangipane. The beans in these galettes represent the chef’s five signature pastries, including the iconic madeleine, the marbré, the Ritz au lait and the donut. The famous crown is adorned with madeleine designs. The creation is also available in individual format.


The Hôtel de Crillon’s galette des rois


Galette de l’Hôtel de Crillon ©Hôtel de Crillon


The Hôtel de Crillon, whose patisserie department is run by chef Matthieu Carlin, has unveiled a gourmet galette des rois with a hint of acidity. The hazelnut frangipane is enhanced with lemon zest. To top it all off, a praline coulis is poured over each slice. The bean is a reference to the butterfly that is emblematic of the hotel’s Butterfly Pâtisserie.


Pierre Hermé’s galette des rois


Galette de Pierre Hermé ©Pierre Hermé


Epiphany 2024 is all about collaboration at Pierre Hermé. The legendary patisserie has teamed up with Gianpaolo Pagni, an Italian-born illustrator, to come up with a trio of colourful broad beans adorned with pretty graphic designs. In terms of flavours, several galettes are presented. Almond classic; pink, raspberry and lychee combination; pistachio and orange blossom; gianduja flaky brioche… So many flavours to suit all tastes.


The Dalloyau x Paul & Joe galette des rois


Galette du Ritz Paris Le Comptoir ©Bernard Winkelmann


The result of a collaboration with fashion brand Paul & Joe, Dalloyau’s 2024 galette is an almond cream with honey accents flavoured with vanilla and orange blossom. While all the sweets contain a bean, five of them are gold-coloured, giving their owners the chance to win a selection of Paul & Joe products and accessories, including sunglasses, a T-shirt and lipstick, worth €450.


The Hugo & Victor x Bäumer galette des rois


Galette de Dalloyau x Paul & Joe ©


With its diamond shape and hints of vanilla mixed with tonka bean, the 2024 galette des rois from the Hugo & Victor patisserie hides a very precious object. Through its collaboration with jeweller Bäumer, one winning bean will be entered to win a rose gold and diamond pendant from the aforementioned company. The lucky winner will be able to pick up their gift in the brand’s boutique in the presence of chef Hugues Pouget for an exclusive chat. Four jewel-like beans with gold pendants can be found in the finely chiselled wafer: a heart with an electrocardiogram, a pair of birds, a Tahitian-style Tiare flower or an infinity symbol with runic overtones.



Featured photo: Galette du Ritz Paris Le Comptoir ©Bernard Winkelmann

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