Four Seasons will sail the waves

After the Accor group, Ritz-Carlton and their luxury boats, it is around Four Seasons to launch a new concept. Named Four Season Yachts, this new nautical concept is a dream come true. The luxury hotel chain, known for its prestige and renowned for the quality of its service, is taking to the sea.


Exit hotels and other complexes. The goal of this new concept? To bring the luxury and comfort of Four Seasons establishments to the water, on board luxury boats, for families, couples or even for a solo trip.


According to the hotel group, Four Seasons Yachtscaters to discerning guests who want to re-imagine their love of travel by experiencing the splendor of modern sea travel,” according to their website.

Many partners


This new gigantic project brings together several renowned partners. The Fincantieri group brings its know-how and its exceptional engineering for the hull of the boat. Nadim Ashi and Philippe Levine, luxury entrepreneurs and bold visionaries, will also be at the helm of the project, as well as Larry Pimental, a veteran of luxury cruising, who will lead this new entity.



When it comes to the ship’s styling, Sweden’s Tillberg Design (TDoS) is joined by London’s Design Studio. They are overseeing the design of the exteriors and suites, under the creative direction of renowned designer Prosper Assouline.


Our new project began with a very clear and unique vision from our client. The brief was condensed into one line: imagine Christina O (the world’s longest yacht launched in 2013, ed. note) meets James Bond. You can’t go wrong – failure is simply not an option. Every part and detail of the yacht has to be perfect,” explains Fredrik Johansson, executive director of TDoS.


Between a yacht and a luxury hotel, this craft is a fusion of two distinct, but not so different worlds. It will be launched and accessible to the general public by the end of 2025.

A 200-meter giant of the seas


The first 207-meter long ship will have 14 decks, a modern and luxurious design and will be composed of 95 suites. This will be a great advantage for future travelers who will be able to lounge on a huge ship, without having to support thousands of passengers as on usual cruises.



Like the interiors of Four Seasons hotels and suites, the ship will be as luxurious as it is modern. Each suite will cost approximately 4.5 million euros to create and customize. The cabin designs will make them true villas, but on the water.


Each of them will be equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows that will offer guests a breathtaking view of the ocean, with light at all times of the day. Room sizes start at 54 m2. The largest, a four-level suite named Funnel, will offer more than 890 m2 in total.



Restaurants, lounges, bars and exteriors will be thought out in great detail. From the best Italian coffee to meticulously prepared sushi to carefully selected bottles of champagne.


Like any five-star hotel, the yacht will be equipped with a spa, lounge and wellness program as well as a swimming pool, which can be transformed into an outdoor movie theater for those warm and balmy summer evenings, with a sunset as a trailer. And because one is not enough, there will also be a second transverse pool, where guests can enjoy a little sunbathing and swimming, without even stepping into the ocean.

Ocean blue but also green


Four Seasons has been focusing on responsible commitments for some time, and this new waterfront project is no exception. The group will put sustainability at the forefront, using green fuels, zero-emission power sources and air emissions that are better than international standards. And before the launch, the hotel group still plans to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art green technologies.


Prices for these luxury cruises have not yet been revealed. But it does make you want to jump in the water or sunbathe on the main deck…


Featured photo : © Four Seasons

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