Gucci and Xbox : Game On !

The Italian fashion house Gucci and Microsoft, manufacturer of the Xbox range, have teamed up to produce an Xbox Serie X, to celebrate both the luxury group’s centenary and the console’s 20th anniversary.


Video games and luxury brands are far from being incompatible. For several years now, the two fields have been crossing paths more and more frequently to offer original and unique works. The most recent collaboration is between Gucci and Microsoft, which resulted in the Xbox Serie X Gucci, a $10,000 console.


With this collaboration, the two groups aim to offer gamers and potential buyers a unique and already collector’s item. The console is riddled with details and is made from high-end materials.


Gucci and Xbox collaboration to be unique. Featured photo : Gucci.


The console is marked with the famous GG, the emblem of the luxury house. Laser engraving covers the entire shell with impressive precision, while each console comes with a pair of customised controllers, with a matte black shell with a blue and red Gucci stripe across the bottom.



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The packaging is also as good as you’d expect from such a product. Gucci has also developed a case specially made to store this console and the two controllers. The case also features the colours and patterns emblematic of the Italian house’s early days. The word Xbox, in green, is clearly visible on the largest side of the case, giving it a vintage feel that will appeal to fans of hype and video games. Finally, there are a few compartments dedicated to other Xbox accessories.


This console was primarily designed as a collector’s item. Featured photo : Gucci


The Gucci Xbox console will not be sold online, but rather in specialised shops around the world, be it in New York, Beijing, Tokyo or London. It is scheduled to go on sale on November 17, and only about 100 units will be offered for sale. An object that is intended to be a real collector’s item for those who can afford it.





Featured Photo : © Gucci

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