Guerlain captures lily of the valley in an intoxicating fragrance for its 2022 Millésime

Celebrating May 1st and the French tradition of lily of the valley, Guerlain called on the Truscelli workshop to decorate the house’s famous bottle.


This is the most poetic springtime rendezvous among the exceptional fragrances of the House of Guerlain. Each year, the iconic Bee Bottle that houses the Lily of the Valley blossoms anew with innovative artistic collaborations. For its 2022 millésime, the delicate sprig of lily of the valley is transformed into a jewel set with sparkling crystals, under the fingers of the magicians at the Parisian jewelry workshop Truscelli.


© Guerlain


The Lily of the Valley proposed by Guerlain is composed by Thierry Wasser, Master Perfumer, and is tinged with green and pink facets that serve as a springtime setting for the luxurious floral materials that enrich its composition. It includes jasmine sambac absolute, rose essence and absolute. At the heart of this bouquet, the olfactory illusion of a freshly picked sprig of lily of the valley emerges.


© Guerlain


Francesco Truscelli, Italian by birth and Parisian by adoption, has been passionate about jewelry since his childhood. In 2003, he founded his own workshop in Paris, where stones are set and creations are made entirely by hand. A specialist in unique pieces and custom jewelry, Francesco Truscelli has interpreted this floral and springtime fragrance by adorning the iconic bee bottle with an ornament designed like a jewel. Guerlain’s friend since 2007 goes one step further to produce an object that is more than desirable, inside and out. Taking the form of a sprig of lily of the valley, each set is hand-set with sparkling stones.


© Guerlain


The flower is created by lost wax casting and molten brass is poured into the mold, in which 130 zirconium oxide stones are hand set into the delicate flowers. This limited edition is available for 600€ and in 5000 pieces.






Featured photo : © Guerlain

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