Guerlain x Matisse, the happy collab’ with a colorful perfume

Founded by Jean-Matthieu Matisse, one of the painter’s great-grandsons, the Maison Matisse, dedicated to the design of objects, had announced in January its collaboration with the perfume house Guerlain. The resulting product line celebrates the art of happiness, using the colorful palette that Henri Matisse mastered to perfection.


The meeting between the House of Guerlain and the House of Matisse has resulted in a joyful and colorful collaboration. The French perfume and cosmetics house had already proven its closeness to art, with its Neroli Outrenoir and Musc Outreblanc fragrances directly inspired by the works of Pierre Soulages and the sculptures of Auguste Rodin. This time, its collaboration with Maison Matisse, which offers objects created by renowned or emerging designers, honors the paintings of the artist Henri Matisse.



Known for his abstract and figurative works, Henri Matisse established himself in the 20th century as the leader of Fauvism, an artistic movement characterized by free composition and the use of numerous patches of color. The collaboration, which celebrates “the art of happiness”, offers a unique encounter between two perfumes and two iconic paintings.


Perfume becomes Art


The House of Guerlain and the House of Matisse have combined their expertise to reinvent and create two fragrances, the Flacon aux Abeilles, which celebrates its 170th anniversary in 2023, and Jasmin Bonheur, inspired by two paintings by the Fauvist artist, La Musique (1939) and Les Mille et Une Nuits (1950). “We are very lucky that Maison Matisse has put its trust in us with these new creations. It’s a partnership based on shared values, excellence, high standards, elegance, and a love of beauty, nature and art”, said Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s Director of Art, Culture and Heritage.


Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain Haute Parfumerie has been inspired by art to enhance its creations. The Flacon aux Abeilles is revisited to become the Parfum Couleur Bonheur Limited Edition. In these fourteen numbered bottles, hand-painted by the artisan Astrid de Chaillé, we find the dark and warm colors of La Musique. Only fourteen people will be lucky enough to own one of the bottles of this limited edition worth 16,000 euros.



The second fragrance, Jasmin Bonheur, is inspired by Henri Matisse’s Thousand and One Nights. It blends scents of jasmine, apricot, iris and rose that recalls the cocktail of original colors of the painter. The bottle of Jasmine Happiness also uses the motifs of the painting : hearts, jasmine flowers and leaves in shades of fuchsia pink, lemon yellow, sunshine orange, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and joyful red. The edition is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.



The collaboration also includes a scented candle, Figue Azur, limited to 500 pieces worldwide.


Sensory combination


This collaboration is above all meaningful, conveying happiness through its visual and olfactory hues. Matisse, who was a great violinist and musician, himself wanted to pay tribute to music in his eponymous painting. With Parfum Bonheur, we find a combination of three arts, music, painting and perfume.


“My great-grandfather’s works are multi-sensory, his world was filled with plants and flowers and they became recurring motifs in his work”, emphasizes Jean-Matthieu Matisse, the founder of Maison Matisse, who evokes “a lot of coherent links between his work and the art of Guerlain perfumes”. “This celebration of happiness is a beautiful initiative and a first for Maison Matisse.”


A year of intensive work has allowed this original collaboration to transport us into the world of Henri Matisse and his inspirations, whether it be music, nature or travel…



Featured photo : © LVMH

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