Guy Savoy, chef of the best restaurant in the world

La Liste elected the best restaurants in the world with no less than 1000 restaurants. Guy Savoy and his restaurant at the Monnaie de Paris take the first place in this ranking. Discover the place and its passionate chef.


La Liste named Guy Savoy‘s restaurant at La Monnaie de Paris the best restaurant in the world. La Liste makes its rankings based on an algorithm that aggregates ratings from 970 sources, and references 28,000 establishments worldwide.


Book fair © Guy Savoy


The restaurant


For the record, in 2009, Guy Savoy fell under the spell of this 18th century place, the Monnaie de Paris, with a view on the Seine. He then entrusted the decoration of the future restaurant to his architect friend Jean-Michel Wilmotte so that he could transport it with his talent, into the 21st century.


Glazed oysters, crushed oysters, seaweed and lemon granita © Guy Savoy


Guy Savoy’s credo ? The strength of flavors by preserving the original taste and identity of the products. The search for aesthetics so that what is good inside is also beautiful outside. He also makes it a point of honor to use the best techniques, as well as to be bold in his dishes. Lastly, he insists on respecting the seasons because quality can only be obtained under this condition and so that Man is connected to his environment. The restaurant has been awarded 3 stars in the Michelin guide, 3 plates in the Pudlowski guide and is listed as one of the “Best Tables in Paris” in the Lebey guide.


Story of a great chef


Guy Savoy was born on July 24, 1953 in Nevers, Burgundy. His mother gave him a taste for cooking and he learned to cook with simple ingredients. Owner of a bar in the village, she succeeded in transforming it into a renowned restaurant by dint of small tasty dishes. At the age of 15, Guy Savoy was apprenticed to the chocolate maker Louis Marchand. In 1976, he joined the prestigious Troisgros brothers‘ house in Roanne, and met the chef Bernard Loiseau, who would follow him all his life. A year later, he succeeded him in the restaurant and began to establish his reputation. His dream came true in 1980 when he opened a restaurant under his name in the heart of Paris, which soon became his first Michelin star. Seven years later, Guy Savoy decided to expand and moved near the Place de l’Étoile. He obtained his second star.




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The chef does not hesitate to take risks by taking over several smaller, but more risky establishments : the Chiberta, the Atelier de Maître Albert and Les Bouquinistes, in Paris. He also opened addresses around the world with two luxury restaurants, one at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the other in the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. Today, Guy Savoy is a three-starred chef and is known worldwide for his famous oysters in jelly or his artichoke soup with black truffles.


Guy Savoy, Monnaie de Paris, 11, quai de Conti, 75006 Paris. Click here for more informations.



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