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Hennessy reveals its Methuselah designed by Frank Gehry

Hennessy reveals its Methuselah designed by Frank Gehry

Hennessy presents the Methuselah Hennessy X.O, a creation designed by architect Frank Gehry and produced by the Baccarat crystal factory.


After a first collaboration on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Hennessy X.O in 2020, the House has once again called on architect and designer Frank Ghéry to design this singular piece. This is an exclusive design for the 6-liter Methuselah that suggests the power of Hennessy cognac.


To create this work by Frank Gehry, calling on expert craftsmen from Baccarat was an obvious choice.  “This design combines the characteristic style of Frank Gehry, the refinement of Baccarat and the singularity of Hennessy X.O. cognac. This creation highlights the richness of the blend while paying homage to the know-how that made it possible to create it“, shares Laurent Boillot, President of the House.



Made by Baccarat, this creation is the result of unique know-how. The Methuselah decanter, with a capacity of six liters, emerges from a case whose blocks evoke ice. Its transparency reveals all the nuances of the colors of Henessy cognac.


Frank Gehry expresses his interest in the techniques of movement and light. “For me, I like to discover new things, which push the artistic limits of what has been done before. I hope that what we have created reflects the expertise of the House of Hennessy in the making of its cognacs.



Inspired by a visit to Cognac and its know-how, Frank Gehry’s creation also draws on the skills that Baccarat’s craftsmen have passed down from generation to generation since 1764. The design and dimensions require more than 30 kilos of Baccarat crystal, a technical complicity that led them to create thirty molds each dedicated to a sculpture.


From the preliminary sketches to the first molds, from the first cuts to the last finishing touches, each step of the production process illustrated Baccarat’s capacity for innovation and creativity. It took Baccarat several months of work to create this unique creation and a specific mold for each piece.

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The Methuselah Hennessy X.O by Frank Gehry will be offered in France exclusively at the Samaritaine from November 9 at a price of €150,000 each. A piece will also be on display at the Boutique des Visites in Cognac.




Featured photo : © Hennessy