Hermès designs a unique example of the Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti presents a new model of the “Bugatti Chiron”, dressed by the prestigious French House, Hermès. This unique model was made at the special request of a passionate Bugatti collector, Manny Khoshbin.


Manny Khoshbin, an entrepreneur and real estate investor living in the USA, comes to Molsheim with a unique vision of what he wants. His dream: to own a unique Bugatti Chiron, a true embodiment of luxury. From this meeting, “The Chiron dressed by Hermès” was born, a creation that combines unique handcrafted luxury with the hypersportiness of Bugatti.


© Bugatti


“I’m a real Bugatti fan. I would have liked to name my son Ettore, but my wife didn’t agree. When I saw the Chiron for the first time in 2015, I immediately booked a building slot. As far as delivery is concerned, I am one of the last ones, but that is my own doing,” says Manny Khoshbin. His passion for Bugatti has inspired other customers to customize their cars.


This latest collaboration revives the already existing relationship between the two French luxury houses. Ettore Bugatti and Émile-Maurice Hermès were already partners in the 1920s. Bugatti ordered saddles and other leather harnesses from Hermès. The famous Hermès leather was already used in Bugatti racing cars. The alliance between the two brands has become a tradition and was once again materialized in 2008, when Bugatti paid tribute to this long-standing relationship with the “Bugatti Veyron Fbg by Hermès”.


A model customised to the last detail


This exceptional creation was customized in every respect: “The exterior, the interior design, the unique details: the design and sales teams in Molsheim and Paris worked on it with passion, in order to meet the specific requirements of the customer,” said the Bugatti brand.


The colour palette of this model is based on an off-white shade of “Craie”, made famous by the iconic Hermès “Birkin and Kelly” bags and other leather pieces from the House. The entire exterior of the body is finished in this “Craie” colour, giving a monochrome result. This is different from other Bugatti Chiron cars, which usually feature a two-colour contrast.


© Bugatti


Taking customization to new levels, the rear bumper, grilles, trim and Bugatti Classique alloy wheels are also in “Craie” colour.


© Bugatti


In a reference to Hermes, the front grille is shaped like a horseshoe and personalized with the “H” monogram. Manny Khoshbin chose the iconic Hermes “Courbette et Cabrioles” motif, which depicts sketches of horses rearing up. This motif adorns the spoiler, door panels, dashboard and centre console.


© Bugatti


The material used for the interior of this “hypersportive” car was made exclusively by Hermès. “Craie” leather is used on the seats, the centre console, the interior signature line on the rear roof panel and the door handle fabrics. This Hermes “Craie” colour is perfectly matched to the ecru leather developed by Bugatti on the dashboard.


© Bugatti


Manny Khoshbin wanted the “Sky View” option: glass panels fitted above the driver’s and passenger’s seats, so that he could admire the sky while driving a unique model.


As a matter of fact, Manny Khoshbin said of his latest purchase, “It’s so beautiful, I don’t dare drive it”.


An immersive ordering experience


From the moment of booking a build slot to the moment of delivery, Manny Khoshbin was truly involved in the process of realising the Bugatti of his dreams.


 “This special Chiron required two visits to Hermès in Paris to discuss the design, the interior and to see the progress of the work. The Hermès team, the Bugatti designers and I must have exchanged hundreds of e-mails. I took my time to design this car. I did it consciously, because I know that one day I will pass this car on to my son. It will live on for generations.” He said.


“I am very grateful to the Bugatti and Hermès teams for making my dream come true. After all, it’s not something they do every day, but they were open to the idea of creating something special. I now have three modern Bugatti models, soon to be four. There’s the ‘Chiron dressed by Hermes’ and two Veyrons, one of which is a Rembrandt Bugatti ‘Les Légendes de Bugatti’ Grand Sport Vitesse. I love looking at them, they are beautiful. “We’re getting a Bugatti Baby II for my son soon,” he says. “He’s crazy about Bugatti, he gets excited every time he hears the name! The “Chiron dressed by Hermes” is my favourite, I drive it almost every day. It’s a real driver’s car, the sensations are extraordinary every time I drive it”, Manny Khoshbin continues.


The end result is a dream come true for the enthusiast.




Featured photo: © Bugatti

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