How to wear the must-have accessories of luxury women’s fashion?

A wardrobe is only complete when it includes accessories to affirm your style. Coco Chanel popularized them: with her trusty pearl necklace, she became their muse. Since then, Haute Couture has revelled in them. Reveal your personality through a handbag, a hat or a combination of jewels.


Here’s a five-step guide to putting your best foot forward.


A leather goods accessory


A trendy Chloé bag, like the small Marcie shoulder bag in calf leather, dresses up the preppie style of a pleated skirt or straight pants. Enhance the understated refinement of a flowing dress with a discreet pastel clutch. The clean lines of a bucket bag complement a suit, just as they sublimate a beach outfit. For the busier woman, Chloé’s small Woody tote bag can create the perfect contrast: in linen over a little black dress, or in calf leather in the same tones over a light-colored shirt. Its distinctive lettering on the handles gives it a trendy urban feel.


In a more classic style, a belt is an accessory that combines the practical with the pleasurable. Thin on pants or shorts, it can sometimes be accompanied by charms, as offered by Hermès with its Lucky model (meaning “lucky charm”). Wide with a gold or silver buckle, it can be worn around the waist with a shirt-dress or a double-breasted wool coat.


Hats, bonnets and fascinators


The hat reflex isn’t just for sunny days. In addition to beautiful wide-brimmed straw hats for the beach, think about styling your hair for all seasons and all occasions. A fascinator, that distinguished miniature headdress, embellishes your outfit at a wedding. A cloche hat or cape makes your presence felt at a horse race. A chic bob or cap protects you from the sun on the golf course.


In winter, opt for a cashmere cap or beret. The protective visor is not to be outdone: Louis Vuitton has dedicated a sober model to it, with a futuristic look that reveals the brand’s emblematic symbols.


Sunglasses for a polished look


Sunglasses can be worn without moderation all year round. Protect your eyes while driving, even in winter, with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Tortoiseshell or colored lenses add a tasteful touch to your look, while an opaque finish envelops you in mystery. A pair of sunglasses nonchalantly lifted by your hair gives it movement. Of course, summer is the perfect time to embrace this versatile accessory. Take a look at this list of summer sunglasses for inspiration.


Watches and jewelry are always a must


Wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet, or showing off the brilliance of a rose gold dial, your watch gives you character. This timeless accessory can also be worn as a smart watch during a fitness session.


When it comes to jewelry, choose between discreet refinement and the combination of your favorite pieces. Sometimes, a simple encounter between a pair of earrings and a discreet piece of hair jewelry works wonders. A pendant set with a precious stone is enough of a color reminder in the form of a ring. Personalize a dress, shirt or coat with a brooch. It adds a touch of sophistication.


The accumulation of bracelets sculpts your forearm. Choose crimped or floral models to create a real tableau. Long necklaces, pendants and sober necklaces can also cascade down your décolleté.


Scarves for every occasion


A square silk scarf knotted into a fichu is part of the bohemian theme, while it lends a more formal style when worn around the neck in a tie-like fold, positioned straight or slightly off-center. A long shawl draws attention with a draped jacquard weave or a tartan pattern. Secured on either side under your belt, it doubles your coat and emphasizes your silhouette. Create balance by letting one side of your wool scarf fall nonchalantly lengthwise down the middle of your bust. This original way of wearing a common winter accessory reveals the colors, materials and styles that suit you.



Featured Photo: Chloé handbag © Anne R/Pexels

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