Immersion in Hilton’s two new projects in China

The Hilton luxury hotel group has signed for two new hotels in China : the Astoria Hotel in Osaka and the Conrad Hotel in Chongqing. Luxus+ Magazine takes you on a tour of these two new projects that hold some great surprises.


The Astoria Hotel in Osaka is not scheduled to open until 2025, while the Conrad Hotel in Chongqing is already under construction and will not open until the fourth quarter of this year.


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The Conrad will be located in the heart of Nanping West Road in the city of Nan’an, Fujian Province, China. It will offer an incredible view of the river and the city from its huge circular outdoor pool on the roof of the building. The complex will have 240 rooms meeting all the criteria of a luxury hotel, three restaurants. A 1,370 square meter space will be dedicated to business meetings and events.


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The Astoria Hotel will occupy twelve floors of a new skyscraper located in the southern part of the second Umekita project, an urban redevelopment north of Osaka Station. The Astoria Hotel will offer 250 rooms with the smallest suite starting at 50 square meters.


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Many restaurants and bars will be present within this luxury hotel, in addition to an indoor pool, fitness center, luxury spa and meeting and event spaces. The hotel’s added bonus is its chapel so guests can celebrate and unite in love.


Other Hilton Group hotels are under development and are expected to open in the coming years.





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