International Yoga Day: We tell you everything about Body Neutrality in the new Luxus+ Mag!

Celebrated every year on June 21, International Yoga Day honors an Indian physical and spiritual discipline. It’s also a practice that has proven to have many benefits, both for mental health and the body in general. And this is the subject of several articles in the “Body Neutrality” brief of the new Spring-Summer 2022 issue.


Criticized for the injunctions it imposed on women, the Body Positive movement has run out of steam to give way to its more modern successor: Body Neutrality. This movement encourages women to feel comfortable in their own bodies and to focus on the achievements they have made rather than on their physical appearance. In the dossier, we give you five practical tips to apply Body Neutrality to your daily life, including the practice of yoga!


Indeed, getting back in motion is one of the means that tends to change our perception of ourselves and, in the future, accept ourselves more and more. And yoga, for its multiple benefits on the body and mind, is one of the best ways to achieve this.


Moreover, in this same file, we have given a complete article on the improvement that yoga can bring to the brain, sometimes not enough highlighted. Indeed, several studies have revealed that yoga would restore the proper functioning of the brain, in addition to rehabilitating the harmony of the mind, strengthen the muscles and help normalize the functioning of internal organs.


If yoga is known to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, it has direct effects on different parts of the brain. The amygdala, the gland responsible for emotional regulation, would tend to grow in yoga practitioners and the prefrontal cortex and cingulate cortex would see their capacities greatly improved by the practice of yoga.


Yoga would thus considerably improve brain health, even to the point of highlighting promising early evidence of a reduction in age-related cognitive decline.


Find the entire 13-page brief in the new Spring-Summer 2022 issue which will be released on July 4. For any pre-order of the issue before July 3, shipping is free. Click here to take advantage of it!



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