Jean-Paul Belmondo, king of French style

A legend of the cinema and one of the most popular actors, Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away on Monday in Paris at the age of 88. With more than eighty films in a sixty-year career, Jean-Paul Belmondo leaves behind him a world of cinema in mourning. A look back at the iconic style of the French film star.


Jean-Paul Belmondo has always been a style icon, embodying the idea of the French male. Bébel had this style, unique to him and no one else, from his iconic hats and leather jackets to a cigar.


Jean-Paul Belmondo alongside Alain Delon in “Borsalino”


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Jean-Paul Belmondo had a head for hats as he wore all sorts, from the gavroche cap to the beret but above all the iconic Borsalino hat. He made it famous by wearing it in the film of the same name, Borsalino, marking the presence on the screen of his duet with Alain Delon. “The Borsalino in the cinema is much more than a headgear: it is a signature, a way of being,” said Italian stylist Giuseppe Borsalino.


Jean-Paul Belmondo in “L’Homme de Rio”



Directed by Philippe de Broca, Jean-Paul Belmondo plays the role of an overexcited stuntman in L’homme de Rio alongside Françoise Dorléac, always in a manly style, with his sky blue military shirt and two flap pockets.


Jean-Paul Belmondo in “L’As des as”



Bébel, in a fighting stance for the 1982 film “L’As des As”, once again plays the role of the virile man always ready to fight, accentuated by the leather jacket effect, giving him the appearance of a brawler.


Jean-Paul Belmondo in “Stavisky”



In this 1974 film by Alain Resnais, Belmondo plays an unscrupulous businessman interested only in power and money in 1930s Paris. To play this charming con man, Belmondo is dressed in a three-piece pinstripe suit with the finishing touch of a red carnation.



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