Jewelry: 5 sites where to find vintage jewelry

Today more than ever, second hand is very coveted. After bags, clothes and shoes, it is now possible, and even common, to find second hand luxury watches and jewelry. Your magazine Luxus Plus has found for you some sites where you can find vintage jewelry.




ICYMI is the acronym for In Case You Missed It, or, in French in the text, “Au cas où vous l’aurais manqué”. Founded in 2016 by Tiphaine, this website features antique jewelry, set with diamonds and precious stones. Passionate about stones and a treasure hunter in her spare time, the founder wanted to create this site to make quality antique jewelry accessible to all (or almost all): “I wanted to prove that it is not necessary to save for years to afford a ring, bracelet or earrings in precious metal set with a diamond or a colored stone.” For her, finding jewelry is about finding treasures, “nuggets” as she likes to call them in order to give them a second life. Be sure to check out her website to discover these beautiful, never out of style, well made and good quality jewelry. You don’t want to miss the opportunity!



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Collector Square


If you don’t know it yet, well, it’s time. Collector Square is THE leader in the vintage jewelry market. The website, as well as the Parisian store on boulevard Raspail, are filled with all kinds of jewelry and finds. Vintage Chanel watches, Van Cleef & Arpel necklaces, Dinh Van bracelets or Mauboussin rings, the site has everything you want and more…And this, with an ecological approach since these jewels, which belonged to former owners, are only waiting for one thing: to be worn by new ones. There are also unsigned pieces, but of undeniable quality. They are all chosen by the House’s experts. Between vintage luxury watches and trendy jewelry, there is something for everyone.



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Rivluxe is a French company, which has a website as well as a store in Nice and Marseille. The platform offers a wide choice of second hand jewelry of all kinds, signed or not and updated by French jewelers. Among the brands offered are Rolex, Chopard, Boucheron and Cartier. “Treat yourself to luxury at the price of a second-hand piece“, a summary that speaks for itself on the website. Something to please you and satisfy you.



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GIGI Paris


GIGI Paris is first and foremost a family story and a love for the old and the authentic. The founder, Salomé, is a young woman who has grown up all her life surrounded by antiques and lulled by a taste for old things. She decided in 2020 to create the GIGI Paris website, gathering passionate antique dealers and collectors, to offer “the crème de la crème of vintage jewelry“. Between mix of periods and styles, find gold-plated pieces, but also fancy pieces. What makes you want to visit the site even more? A collection of upcycled jewelry that gives a second life to buttons borrowed from suits, jackets and other coats from fashion houses.



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Castafiore Paris


Castafiore Paris is the symbiosis between the spirit of two women, with an extraordinary background, who decided to combine their talents and create a website dedicated to vintage jewelry. On the one hand, Charlotte Rey, director of fine jewelry at Cartier for twenty years. On the other, Anne Borde, an expert in the auction business for 30 years. On their website, you can find all kinds of jewelry, from less than 500 euros to more than 10,000 euros. From pink diamonds to sapphire, gold and silver, you will find everything. The will of its creators is to desacralize the wear of the jewel by unearthing treasures and by making it accessible, when it was formerly a privilege.



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