La Mabrouka: from the home of Yves Saint Laurent to a luxury hotel

Villa Mabrouka, located in the port city of Tangier, was once one of the properties of the creator Yves Saint Laurent. Recently, it has turned into a magnificent five-star hotel, where tourists and fashion lovers can relax, while walking in the footsteps of the late couturier.


Take the charm of Morocco, the taste of the decoration of the designer Jasper Conran and add a touch of nostalgia, and you would get the Villa Mabrouka.



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Before becoming a charming hotel, hidden in the arid and picturesque city of Tangier, Villa Mabrouka was one of the many residences of the eponymous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and her husband Pierre Bergé. Great art collectors, design enthusiasts and lovers of the world, they have accumulated during their lives many buildings, the most famous in Morocco remains the Villa Majorelle and its bright blue, inspired by the waters of the Atlas.


Villa Majorelle, Marrakech


Today, another house opens its doors, the Villa Mabrouka, not as a cultural place, but as a hotel thanks to the acquisition and makeover of the British designer and fashion designer Jasper Conran.


I will never forget the first sensation I felt when I left the narrow streets of Tangier and entered the green and shady courtyard of the villa, full of banana trees and palm trees, before emerging in an oasis of large lawns and an incredible garden overlooking the sea” He confides in the columns of AD magazine.


An oriental treasure in the city


Decorated at the time by Jacques Grange, this building was then to reflect the eccentric style “of an English of the 50s“. One color per room, lush nature and modernist inspirations, it was a bit like a cabinet of curiosity. This villa, whose name means “good fortune” in Arabic, opens its doors today to the public, thanks to the conviction and talent of Jasper Conran.


He decided to make it his second hotel project in Morocco, after the Hotel Marrakech. It turns out that it was a real challenge for him. On the one hand, he did not want to lose the soul of this house and on the other, he wanted to reappropriate it by infusing it with his personal vision.




Moroccan architecture, bucolic atmosphere and oriental charm, everything is combined in this villa, bathed in light and greenery.


The new iconic establishment of Tangier


In addition to its rich history, Villa Mabrouka is full of treasures. It includes a pool inground in the rock, with a waterfall and a magnificent emerald basin. It hosts 12 rooms, tastefully decorated. Here, the old blends with the new, the warm and cold colors form a perfect synergy and the raw materials rub shoulders with the gilding and the richness of the patterns. The Moroccan and contemporary style meet and form an almost dreamlike world, in a villa as charming as sumptuous.




This new hotel also has three restaurants, which showcase traditional Moroccan cuisine, while working closely with local markets.


If you are looking for discovery and wonder, look no further, pack your bags and go to Tangier to discover the incredible Villa Mabrouka.



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