“Les jeux de l’ombre”, the 7th Hermès Haute bijouterie collection, on display until July 30 in Paris

The house of Hermès presents its 7th collection of Haute bijouterie with a collection of 53 pieces, to be seen until July 30 at the store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris.


The shadow that escapes us, the opposite of matter, is what inspired the House of Hermès for its 7th collection of fine jewelry. Giving substance to the elusive, this was the bold bet of Pierre Hardy, creative director of the jewelry house since 2001, with this collection “Les jeux de l’ombre“.


Rough light ring. Pink gold set with a brown rough diamond – brown to ebony diamond shadow. Unique piece © Hermès


This collection with its innovative shapes tells the truth of contrasts, the movement of shadow and its relationship with light. Pierre Hardy’s creativity plays with the aesthetics of function, so essential to Hermès.


To achieve this, the stones are immersed in a black shadow, a soft form that overflows them, accompanies them, protects them and expands their radiance. On the rings, earrings and the “Lueurs du jour” necklace On the rings, earrings and necklace “Lueurs du jour”, this shadow is materialized by jade, worked by hand in a satin finish, or by titanium, set in rose gold like a precious metal, on the jewels “Ombres mobiles“.



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On the “Shadow Chains” necklace the juxtaposition of flat white diamonds, lined with gradations of black spinel and blue sapphires, gives volume to the anchor chain link. A singular approach to paving brings the shape to life while respecting the original design. A stone by stone study was necessary for this necklace, which articulates smoothly on the skin and required some seven hundred hours of setting and nearly two thousand hours of goldsmithing.


Necklace Colors of the day. View with open panels © Hermès


An ode to light and nuance, we observe uncut stones: yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, spessartite garnets, tourmalines… chosen for their intensity. They give birth to unique rings and earrings called “Lumières brutes”.





Featured photo : © Hermès

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