Live like Aldo Gucci for a night in the “House Of Gucci” villa !

As a viewer of the movie “House Of Gucci” released on November 24, you couldn’t miss Aldo Gucci’s sumptuous villa on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. From December 6, you can rent this magnificent residence and have the chance to spend a single night there.


In early December, rental platform Airbnb is offering the privilege for a few of you to stay for a night in the flagship property of Ridley Scott‘s film, House Of Gucci.


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After the release of the film, the Villa Balbiano not only made its mark with its dream location, but above all with its inspiration in Baroque art. Decorated by the interior designer Jacques Garcia, the house is full of furniture and art objects from Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions.


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Offering breathtaking views of Lake Como, Balbiano offers six luxurious suites with a mix of art and opulent furnishings. You’ll also find all-marble bathrooms and enjoy the outdoor pool and boat rides with its private jetty.


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An expression to describe the Villa Balbiano : Italian fast. If in House Of Gucci, the villa belonged to the character of the head of the family Aldo Gucci, played by Al Pacino, in reality, it was the property of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. The latter had it built in the sixteenth century as his main residence, before passing to the hands of Cardinal Durini, who made extensions, including the construction of a chapel to make this villa the place to party for the high society of the time.


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Reservations begin on December 6 on the Airbnb rental platform. You will only be able to rent the Balbiano villa for one and only one night, in March 2022 only and for a limited period. The value of a night in this mansion is €1,000.


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