Loewe x ON collaboration : When tradition and technology merge

“When craftsmanship meets technical innovation” in the service of reinvented equipment for the adventurers of tomorrow. This is the promise of the new collaboration between Loewe and On. Zoom in on the capsule collection that will make you want to move.


Loewe has teamed up with the sports brand On Running for an exclusive collection, combining the world of luxury and high performance sports.


© Loewe x On


“Venturing into the unknown in the best sense of the word. Collaborations are interesting when both parties are striving for quality, but each brings their own style. It’s when opinions meet or even diverge that the best concepts are born,” says Thilo Brunner, International Design Manager at On.


The limited edition collection consists of a range of ready-to-wear clothing, combining performance and know-how made in Loewe. It includes a moisture-wicking waterproof anorak with Performance-T to regulate body temperature, running trousers, shirts that also regulate body temperature and an insulating three-layer parka. The Loewe X On collection is unisex, appealing to both men and women.


© Loewe x On


One of the highlights of the collaboration is On’s iconic trail shoe, the Cloudventure, reinvented by Loewe in five colourways : Gradient Khaki, Gradient Grey, Gradient Orange, Gradient Blue and Space Blue.


© Loewe x On


The special feature of these third generation trail shoes is the sole, which is subject to patented technology. It consists of a rubber outsole with a midsole, a recycled polyester upper and a hand-pressed marbled sole. The final touch from Loewe ? Brass eyelets and a matte or iridescent mudguard.


© Loewe x On


The collection has been ethically produced with sustainability in mind, with 80% of the materials used being recycled polyester. The technologies allow you to face the steep climbs as well as the fast descents, during your trail in the wilderness.


The collection is now available for purchase by clicking here.





Featured photo : © Loewe x On

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