World’s Best 2023 ranking: the world’s best travel destinations and organizations

Looking for your next vacation destination, but lost with all the suggestions on the Internet? To make your life easier, Travel + Leisure magazine compiles an annual ranking of the world’s best destinations and organizations. Hotels, cities, paradise islands and cruises, there’s something for every taste and color.


Travel + Leisure, an American magazine specializing in luxury tourism and the art of living, has just unveiled the World’s Best Awards 2023, its annual ranking of the best travel destinations across the globe. It enables travelers to build a dream trip, whether they’re more adept at walking, taking the train, flying or sailing.


This ranking is the result of a survey of our readers. In addition to announcing the best destinations, it also looks at the best travel organizations and airlines.


For 28 years, Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards have served as a trusted resource and guide to outstanding destinations and exceptional experiences,” says Jacqui Gifford , editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure. “This year’s awards reflect the ever-changing landscape of travel, with new categories and new winners capturing the preferences of modern travelers.


This 28th edition has plenty of surprises in store for subscribers, globetrotters and lovers of new discoveries.


The airline claiming the top spot in the Best International Airlines ranking is none other than Hawaiian Airlines. It takes you straight to paradise, to enjoy the warm, turquoise and translucent waters of the last state of the United States: Hawaii.



Continuing with aviation, the airport topping the podium is, unsurprisingly, Singapore Changi Airport, which is by far the most beautiful in the world, with its hundreds of stores, unique design and plant fountain. It’s hard to resist taking a flight to continue admiring this architectural marvel!



This long list includes many categories, starting with the top 10 best cities in the world, followed by the top 10 best American cities, with the USA in third place as the most visited country in the world, with over 75 million visitors a year.


Oaxaca in Mexico takes first place, followed by Udaipur in India and Kyoto in Japan. Three very different countries, with contrasting cultures and landscapes, attracting visitors by the millions, and winning the hearts of even the most seasoned travellers.


Oaxaca, Mexico


Ubud in Indonesia came fourth, ahead of San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), Mexico City, Tokyo, Istanbul, Bangkok and Mumbai.


In the American rankings, the Big Apple is no longer the traveler’s favorite. Charleston, South Carolina, takes first place, Santa Fe, New Mexico, second and New Orleans closes the podium. Honolulu in Hawaii takes 6th place, followed by New York, which is surprisingly at the bottom of the top 10.


The other lists include the best small, medium and large cruises. The best cruise line is Virgin Croisière. It has three ships in its fleet, all with a capacity of around 2,700 passengers. Would you like to jump into Caribbean waters or visit Europe aboard a gigantic, all-inclusive liner? This is the company for you.



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Still for cruise ships, one category below, we find Cunard, which is today the oldest cruise and transatlantic company in business. The ships, named after the many queens of England, take passengers to the world’s most beautiful shores.


In terms of establishments, the ranking is based on 100 hotels, covering 32 countries on 5 continents. The overall winner is the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet. Nestled in the oldest district of the Turkish capital, this yellow-fronted establishment offers a little corner of paradise and calm, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It features 65 rooms, all carefully decorated in a designer style to make guests feel as comfortable as possible.




The world’s best hotel brand is Capella Hotels & Resorts. It is the hotel arm of the privately-owned luxury real estate developer Pontiac Land. Capella Hotels & Resorts offers all the privileges and services that travelers look for in a luxury stay. Heavenly destinations, wellness, gastronomy, personalized services and much more. It has nine hotels, resorts and residences in seven different destinations.


Other categories include the world’s best safari outfitter (Alluring Africa), the world’s best car rental company (National Car Rental), the world’s best international destination spa (Ranch Italia at Palazzo Fiuggi), the best national park in the USA (Yellowstone National Park) and the world’s most beautiful island (Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia).


And this year, two new categories make their appearance: the best luxury villa rental company (Tuscany Now & More) and the best trains in the world (Rocky Mountaineer). The fact that these two categories have been created is no coincidence, and reflects changes in the way people travel.


If you’re looking for the crème de la crème when it comes to travel, whatever the category, be sure to check out Travel + Leisure magazine’s annual rankings, which have plenty of surprises in store, and will help guide you towards the best possible choices.




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