Luxury hotels: The 7 most eagerly awaited Parisian openings in 2021

Despite the difficult context for the opening of these new establishments, 2021 will be rich in new hotel openings. A look back at the new Parisian addresses scheduled to open this year.



1. Le Cheval Blanc



La Samaritaine is making a big comeback in Paris, fifteen years after its closure. Completely revisited, La Samaritaine becomes the Samaritaine Paris Pont Neuf, a complex that holds the promise of becoming a major tourist attraction. The complex will house a department store, as well as the prestigious Cheval Blanc hotel, owned by the LVMH group. The hotel will have 26 rooms and 46 suites, with a size starting at 45 m2. Among the suites, 42 are designed to be communicating and suitable for families. The Cheval Blanc de la Samaritaine will offer a variety of upscale services, including a sumptuous spa signed Dior and an impressive 30-meter swimming pool. On the 7th floor of the complex is a 650-meter terrace, where it will be possible to savor the dishes concocted by the gourmet restaurant of chef Arnaud Donckele.


2. Kimpton – Paris St Honoré



A leading American boutique hotel, the Kimpton Hotel is arriving in Paris for the first time and confirms its opening for the spring of 2021. In the Opéra district, this five-star hotel offers 149 rooms and suites in the former “Samaritaine de Luxe” square, as well as a luxurious spa, a gym, and an indoor swimming pool. In terms of decoration, the Kimpton Group expresses its aesthetic vision of the rooms and suites, which corresponds to “the allure of a chic and modern Parisian apartment, with balconies, studio windows and carefully selected works of art”, all signed by architect Charles Zana. On the gastronomic side, the Kimpton offers a Californian-style restaurant designed by Humbert & Poyet, and on the refreshment side, a cocktail bar is available on the roof of the hotel, offering a generous view of the capital.


3. The Hotel Paradiso

The new Hotel Paradiso plans to be the world’s first cinema-hotel, according to the hotel group. The mk2 group, under the supervision of Nathanaël and Elisha Karmitz, wants to innovate by reinventing the cinema experience. It is scheduled to open in March 2021, and the Paradiso Cinema Hotel promises to be an ode to cinema down to the last detail. For those nostalgic for dark rooms, the hotel offers 6 traditional movie theaters, as well as 34 rooms equipped with a video projector and a 3-meter wide window screen, and two suites as private projection rooms. The Paradiso hotel also features a cinema box and an open-air cinema on the roof terrace overlooking the whole of Paris.


4. Le Grand Contrôle – Versailles


Le Grand Contrôle settles in the historic Palace of Versailles, built-in 1681 by the architect of Louis XIV. The Airelles hotel group thus settles in this jewel of French history, in the GLes Airellesrand Contrôle building. With a total of 14 rooms and apartments, the palace also has a relaxation area with a spa and an indoor swimming pool. In terms of gastronomy, the famous chef Alain Ducasse will be in charge of revisiting the dishes of yesteryear in this royal setting.


5. Maison Mère



In the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Maison Mère hotel group will move into a four-star hotel in the spring of 2021. It will offer 53 keys, including 51 rooms and 2 suites with integrated latest generation technology. Indeed, the hotel plunges you into a futuristic atmosphere with a connected table and bedside table, complete soundproofing, integrated TV streaming, and high-quality bedding. In addition, a coworking area (with a “wifi that deposits”) and a dining bar are provided in this connected hotel.


6. Pullman Montparnasse


The Pullman Montparnasse arrives in Paris after three years of work. This massive 32-story hotel has a total of 957 rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and a rooftop bar. This four-star hotel also has three floors dedicated to receptions and meeting spaces.


7. Mama Shelter – Paris La Défense


Located in the Paris business district, the new Mama Shelter Hotel will open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2021. The third address of the brand in the capital, this hotel-restaurant will have 211 rooms.




Featured photo: © Les Airelles

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