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Luxury Jewelry: The 3 jewelry collections to watch for 2020

Luxury Jewelry: The 3 jewelry collections to watch for 2020

The alliance between modernity and traditional craftsmanship of these three collections makes them irresistible and unique. Focus on the flagship collections of the year 2020, bringing together the greatest craftsmen, including a collaboration with the star of the nineties, Kate Moss.


Messika, by Kate Moss.



This refreshing collection, with its bohemian allure and mix of Art Deco and East Coast inspirations, is the result of a collaboration with jeweler Messika and 90s supermodel Kate Moss. Unlike many of the usual collaborations, Kate does not limit herself to a simple signature on this collection, on the contrary, she invests herself so that the collection lets her personal style shine through. The collection also exploits the famous 18 karats white diamond on her yellow gold jewelry, such as tassel necklaces, fantasy earrings, bib head pieces, anklets, and hat pins. 


Prices from $3,000 to $250,000


Fernando Jorge Flame Collection.



The Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge is all fire and brimstone and captivates many collectors with his outstanding sculptural creations. His latest collection, entitled Flame, celebrates his pioneering career in jewelry by reinventing the traditional pear shape in architectural designs that mimic the blaze of candlelight. The stones, diamonds, and emeralds with citrine and Paraiba tourmaline, are set at an angle to emphasize the effect of the jewel. This idea emerged from the mind of jeweler Fernando Jorge as he worked on the new pieces while confined to São Paulo, far from his main residence in London.


Prices from $2,200 to $500,000


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Pomellato La Gioia High Jewelry.



Italian jeweler Pomellato unveils its new collection, tinged with extravagance and versatility. Pomellato’s perfect mastery of his craftsmanship has led to the creation of this casual luxury collection. Sublime chain necklaces with their brown diamonds blend with fine diamond-encrusted necklaces, all for a collection that matches any style of clothing. The new collection also features the Italian jeweler’s trademark: the fascinating Nudo stone. For an elegant and timeless collection. 


Prices from $6,950 to $276,000


Featured photo: © Marin Laborde