Met Gala 2023: the most fantastic looks

The Met Gala, the great mass of fashion, brings together every year all the stars of the moment. The 2023 edition took place yesterday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and paid tribute to the Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld. Co-hosted by Penelope Cruz, Michaela Coel, Roger Federer, Dua Lipa and of course, Anna Wintour, this Met was filled with nostalgia and originality.


The goal of the Met Gala? To go as unnoticed as possible. Here, the stars have only one goal in mind: to leave a mark on people’s minds and hearts. Each edition has its theme, and each theme has its winners, or rather its favorites.


Some bet on surprise, others on beauty, while some prefer simplicity. Luxus Plus deconstructed for you the most daring and striking looks of this new edition, which honors one of the most famous and talented designers of any era: Karl Lagerfeld. An introduction to the future Met exhibition dedicated to the Kaiser, which will open on May 5: Karl Lagerfeld, A line of Beauty.


Couturier, stylist, designer, draftsman, photographer, editor, director and marketing genius (with his baroque and rock “marrionette”), Karl Lagerfeld is an accomplished polymath. Passed away in February 2019, the man with the powdered catogan, the long silhouette monochrome and smoked glasses managed in 1983 to wake up the “sleeping beauty” that was the House of Chanel haute couture, ensuring its artistic direction 36 years. Daring to mix genres with the first capsule collection for fast fashion giant H&M in 2004 or via multiple collaborations and side projects in addition to his personal brand – such as the artistic direction for the fur specialist Fendi (LVMH) – Karl clearly has something to inspire our guests.


Jared Leto and his signature look


No, it’s not a stray mascot, but the actor and former muse of Alessandro Michele – former artistic director of Gucci – Jared Leto – who grazes the steps of the Met, dressed as a giant Choupette. Choupette is the Instagrammable star of Karl but also his confidant, his heiress … In short, his beloved cat.



A beautiful and inventive tribute that the actor, with ocean blue eyes, pays to the designer’s favorite animal. After a smashing arrival, he removes his head and reveals a smoky and punk makeup, with his long colored hair. Of course, he hides under his fur a second look. All dressed in black – a tribute to the creation of Gabrielle Chanel, he wears a cape accompanied by a suit and a pretty diamond collar. Another small nod to the designer, he thought of leather mittens, a favorite piece of the late Karl Lagerfeld.


Doja cat, as feline as fashion


Jared Leto is not the only one to pay tribute to Choupette. The pop singer Doja Cat brought out her feline side with an outfit half cat-half woman, which obviously put everyone in agreement. For this cat-glow transformation, confounding of realism, the artist has even been fitted with prostheses. Her glittery dress with feline ears is made of 350,000 silver and white beads. According to Vogue, this outfit required more than 5,000 hours of work. And to perfect her look down to the tips of her claws, like her pointy nails, she answered the microphone of journalists and personalities with meows all evening.


Lil Nas X and his enchanted world


The hip-hop singer, known for his extravagant and provocative looks on every red carpet has struck again. He also decided to pay a tribute, somewhat original to the creator’s pussy, by covering his entire body with thousands of pearly stones, wearing a beaded mask, until the end of the whiskers. Like Doja Cat for the Schiaparelli fashion show, he covered his body with silver crystals. This flamboyant transformation is the work of the star of make-up artists, Pat McGrath. It took them a week to develop this concept, whose crystals come from Austria. For the transformation, Lil Nas had to be patient, as the metamorphosis required more than 9 hours of work.



Florence Pugh, full of feathers, but without hair


The British actress and new face of Valentino has also caused a sensation on the red carpet of the Met, revealing for the first time her shaved head. And since Nathalie Portman in V for Vendetta, the absence of hair leather does not mean trading her femininity or glamour, and Florence Pugh has proven it. Dressed in a black and white Valentino dress with an XXL train, she let her belly and bare back show through a double neckline. A crown of dizzying feathers accompanies her look and her new hairstyle, which suits her very well.


Rihanna and her floral wedding dress


Between tribute, baby bump and spectacular, the interpreter of the title Diamond who made sensation at the Super Bowl, is once again among the great favorites of the Met gala. She arrived on the arm of her partner, the rapper Asap Rocky in an impressive wedding dress, accompanied by a thick hooded coat, on which were embroidered flowers, type camelias, dear to the House Chanel. Like a pretty meringue, Rihanna dropped part of the coat during the walk up the stairs to reveal the rest of the outfit: a wedding dress with a huge train, which she particularly likes. It’s kind of her trademark during the Met, like the yellow dress she wore during the 2015 edition. Her look is surely not insignificant. As at the end of each Chanel fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld presented a wedding dress as the last look. A nod to the bespectacled designer, as touching as it was beautiful.




Here are five of the most remarkable looks of the evening, just to name a few. But of course, the hundreds of others were just as sumptuous. Like those of the evening’s hosts, Dua Lipa and Penelope Cruz, both dressed in Chanel, who paid a beautiful tribute to the designer, both in clothes and in their speech. As soon as this new Met Gala is over, we can’t wait to discover the next one. So, see you next year!!!



Featured photo : © Press

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