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Miami Beach: Elected (Again) Best Lifestyle Destination of 2023

Miami Beach: Elected (Again) Best Lifestyle Destination of 2023

The World Travel Awards have awarded the title of Best Lifestyle Destination 2023 to Miami Beach for the 6th consecutive time. Miami Beach thus stands out thanks to its pro-hospitality policy, its development strategy, and its international influence in the arts and luxury world.


Miami Beach has once again been elected the world’s best Lifestyle destination at the 30th edition of the World Travel Awards. The city has held this top spot every year since 2018. It relies on quality of life, culture, and the integration of new technologies to maintain its status as a global benchmark.


“We have continued to progress as a leader in tourist destinations by constantly working to highlight the best assets of our city with interactive resources and thoughtful user experiences to connect with loyal and future visitors,” explains Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the Visitors and Events Branch of Miami Beach. The city has notably implemented the EXP Miami Beach Tours App, an application dedicated to tourists offering thematic itineraries.



Tourism: A Major Issue


Greater Miami and Miami welcomed 26.5 million visitors in 2022 (compared to 56.4 million for New York City). The total tourist expenditure level is estimated at 20.8 billion dollars. The region offers an abundance of attractions with its splendid beaches, thriving cultural offerings, high-quality services, and luxurious culinary and hotel establishments. To maintain this attractiveness, several free courses are offered by the city to improve business hospitality with LGBTQ+ guides, customer relations training, and hospitality. 


The city collaborates with around fifty different cities and countries to stimulate international tourist activity. 


In 2022, hotel room rates in Miami Beach increased by 14%, which seems to indicate, according to the Miami tourism office, growth in the luxury sector.


Miami Beach is globally recognized for its dynamism in art, mainly contemporary, with its museums and the annual Miami Beach Art Basel Fair. The latest edition, held from December 6 to 10 last year, brought together 277 exhibitors and 79,000 visitors. 

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Haunted Silicone Mass by Andrew Roberts at Art Basel Miami Beach, photo by Adam Reich.


Open Houses: Lifestyle as a Strategy


The Miami Center for Architecture and Design will organize the Miami Open House on March 1 and 2, 2024, a free event to showcase local heritage and expertise. Miami Beach and surrounding municipalities will participate in the festival, featuring guided tours, walks in preserved natural spaces, conferences, and workshops. The goal is to promote Miami’s lifestyle culture to residents and visitors and to proactively invest in the region’s development.


“For a destination to be enjoyable to visit, it must first be an ideal place to live, work, and have fun,” says David Whitaker, marketing director for Greater Miami and Miami Beach. “The Open House will offer visitors and our residents a glimpse behind the scenes of iconic buildings and places,” he continues. It will also be a perfect opportunity to stimulate the local economy, which is home to many restaurants and hotels. This approach highlights Miami’s strategy, focusing on the quality of life of its residents with an innovative and unique lifestyle.



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