Minotti presents new high-end sofa

Italian luxury furniture brand Minotti unveils its new avant-garde sofa : the Connery seating system.


The Connery seating system, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, was unveiled for the release of the luxury furniture brand’s 2020 Collection: it features clean, geometric lines that tend toward the architectural.



The Minotti house is known throughout the world for its various luxury furniture. The brand founded in Italy by Alberto Minotti is present in more than sixty countries around the world.


The particularity of this new sofa released by the brand lies in its customizable aspect. It offers its owner many composition options, whether in terms of the shape of the seats or the positioning of the latter, which allows to adapt to the space in which it is placed. Its L shape brings a warm aspect to the room in which it is located.



The fabric cover and padded base of the Connery Seating also feature a leather strap cover. The method of manufacture of the latter is derived from the technique used in the design of leather luggage. The headrests, which are adjustable and foldable, reflect the world of luxury leather goods. The structural base of the seating system is spaced from the floor on thin aluminum slats in a cognac polished finish.




The name Connery evokes the futuristic feel of our recent past: it recalls those imaginative settings, those spaces of the future, incredibly avant-garde spaces,” adds architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni.


Minotti has also focused on the practicality of the sofa: the seating system also includes folding shelves, which function as elegant tables but can also be used as decoration or as an aperitif.



In terms of materials, the Connery seat is made of a single cushion covered with light stitching. The backrest and armrests are upholstered in channeled goose down. In addition to the seating area, the sofa is accompanied by shelves with flaps that fit perfectly with the design of the furniture.


Not yet available for sale, there is no doubt that this true haven of architectural comfort will revive the charm of a modern and spacious apartment.







Featured photo : © Minotti

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