Mouna Rebeiz commits to Lebanon with the association Artistes à la Une Toget’HER

The association Artistes à la Une is collaborating this year with Madame Figaro for the third edition of her charity exhibition “Artists à la Une Toget’HER 2020” which will take place from November 6 to December 13, 2020 at La Monnaie de Paris.


Created by David-Hervé Boutin, the association invites this year 26 contemporary artists from all over the world to come and present and offer their charity works during the event.


On the occasion of Madame Figaro’s 40th birthday, Toget’HER proposes to all these women to imagine the front cover of the magazine through their painting representing an inspiring and committed woman.


Mouna Rebeiz is a Lebanese painter and has decided this year to commit herself to Lebanon. Specialized in abstract painting, she followed for almost ten years the teachings of the artist Alix De La Source, specialized in the works of art of the 17th and 18th centuries where she studied the techniques of great master painters.


Mouna Rebeiz is therefore committed to the cause of Safe World Peace to help the victims of the explosion in Beirut on October 4, 2020. Her objective through her work is to transcribe the melody of a Lebanese singer that she supports during this exhibition on her canvas: “When words have nothing more to say, it’s up to art to take over“.


Mouna Rebeiz chose to represent the renowned singer Fairuz and explains why: “I literally felt the breath of the explosion pass through me as it did through the city of Beirut where I was born. Until then, the only breath that could bring all Lebanese together was that of Fairuz. The emotion, the awe, the astonishment, the feelings born from his voice had never been equaled in intensity until August 4, 2020, when the explosion destroyed the city of Beirut“.


While Mouna Rebeiz has chosen to commit himself to the victims in Lebanon, other causes will also be supported during this charity exhibition such as the National Institute for Young Blind People (INJA), The Voice of the Child, the GoodPlanet Foundation and the Monegasque Red Cross.


The artists’ works will be signed and numbered and then presented as high quality prints, in 70 x 50 cm format, in limited editions of 20 to 100 copies only. These prints, edited by Yoyo Maeght, will be on sale directly at the Monnaie de Paris and on the exhibition website. The art auction house Artcurial, a partner of the event, will also be selling the works from the exhibition on its website from 5 to 11 November.



Featured photo : © Mouna Rebeiz

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