Niche fragrances: travel the world with the Cuir Nomade collection from Mémo Paris

At the heart of the Memo Paris olfactory universe lies a captivating sensory experience, a fragrant odyssey that transcends borders and transports us to faraway lands. The niche perfume house presents its latest emblematic collection, Cuir Nomade.


Following on from Fleurs Bohèmes and Graines Vagabondes, Cuir Nomade is the 4th collection developed by Memo Paris. “The DNA of our brand is rooted in travel and a sense of adventure,” explains Clara Molloy, founder of Memo Paris, in an interview with Fashion Network. The brand was launched in 2007 by the Barcelona-born, poetry-loving Parisian and her globe-trotting Irish husband, John. The two imagined Memo Paris under the motto “The Journey is the destination” .


The art of travel sublimated: the nomadic leather collection from Memo Paris


This Collection embodies the very essence of Memo Paris fragrances, which capture the spirit of emblematic destinations. Each bottle contains an olfactory story, an invitation to an imaginary journey of the senses. Inspired by the richness of leathers from around the world, this new flagship range invites us to explore faraway lands through olfactory landscapes.

Each meticulously crafted fragrance evokes a unique experience. From the sun-drenched streets of Marrakech to the vast wilderness of Patagonia, the Cuir Nomade Collection offers a wide range of destinations. Each note, each accord, is a scented stopover, a fragrant memory that transcends time and space.


A sensory escape: a fragrance for every imaginary journey.


Beyond the Cuir Nomade Collection, Memo Paris excels in creating fragrances that capture the essence of imaginary or real places. The brand offers a diversity that appeals to lovers of exquisite, refined juices. From fruity creations that evoke sunny orchards to sweet compositions reminiscent of summer afternoon sweets, each bottle is a sensory escape.


Timeless elegance: floral fragrances by Memo Paris


Memo Paris floral fragrances reveal a timeless elegance, capturing the delicacy of flowers in subtle, refined accords. Each floral fragrance is an olfactory celebration of nature, a poetry that evokes gardens and spring evenings. Memo Paris floral creations embody grace and sophistication, offering an unforgettable sensory experience.


The art of creation: the Memo Paris creative process


At the heart of each Memo Paris bottle lies a unique creative process. The perfumer duo, in collaboration with guest designers Nadège Le Garlanzec and Yann Vasnier to name but a few, draw inspiration from their own travels, encounters and experiences to create exceptional fragrances.


Each composition is the fruit of a subtle alchemy, combining expertise, passion and innovation. The use of the highest quality raw materials gives Memo Paris fragrances a distinctive signature. Carefully selected natural ingredients such as mandarin oil, iris, jasmine, orange blossom and musk reveal the brand’s relentless quest for excellence, making each juice an olfactory masterpiece.


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