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Our selection of luxury yachts with exceptional architecture

Our selection of luxury yachts with exceptional architecture

The architecture of these floating works of art, these ultra-yachts imagined by renowned artists and designers, making us dream of a maritime excursion. Discover in this article our selection.





The work of the French design duo, Gilles and Boissier, this 55-meter long vessel resembles a modern warship with its two colors, the Dupont Dark Grey Metallic for the hull and the Dupont Matte Jet Black for the superstructure. Featuring all the amenities necessary for luxury living, such as a movie theater, the Atlantes can compete for the title of King of the Sea.


With a value of : 36 million euros.

The Grace E



This 73-meter long Italian colossus designed by architect and exterior designer Philippe Briand at the Perini Navi shipyard offers us a new vision and focused on ecology thanks to its electric diesel engine. It makes very little noise, which is totally in line with its function as a floating spa. Indeed the Grace E offers a complete relaxation area, including a gym, a massage room, a hammam, a sauna, a space dedicated to hydrotherapy, and a swimming pool.


With a value of : 78.5 million euros.

The Guilty



As a guilty pleasure for art lovers, this vessel, reminiscent of the Dazzle camouflage of British ships, acts as a floating museum, the furniture being works of designer artists in itself. This ship is the result of the collaboration of the two designers Jeff Koons and Ivana Porfiri.


With a value of : 10 million euros.

The Letani



From Frenchman Christian Liaigre, with the Sinot studio. This modern-looking yacht innovates in comfort. Due to its size and curves, it is easier to anchor this boat to different ports for example. Moreover, it was designed in only 2 years, a record time for this work.


With a value of : 21 million euros.

The Motor Yacht A


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It is a Titan, and it is even possible to confuse it with a submarine emerging on the surface. With a length of 119 meters, this super-yacht, completed in 2008 and intended for the Russian Andreï Melnichenko, appears at the top of the navigation registers because of its eponymous A. It is interesting to note that the oligarch repeated the experience by acquiring the longest sailing yacht called the Sailing Yacht A.


With a value of : 270 million euros.

The Venus



The Venus is the yacht designed by Philippe Starck for Steve Job, never found by its original owner. Indeed, the vessel leaves the shipyard in 2011, the year of the death of Apple’s CEO. It was seized for non-payment but has since been recovered by the widow of the deceased, Laurene Powell Jobs.


Valued at: 100 million euros.




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