Thalazur : heading for the epigenetic cure !

New. Thalazur, the leading thalassotherapy group in France, has been offering six-day cures based on epigenetics since the beginning of 2022. A scientific discipline that makes it possible to improve our genetic destiny by changing our bad habits. A challenge within our reach ?


Epigenetics, did you say ?


The genetic heritage inherited from our parents does not alone determine our health. Scientific studies prove that it is expressed differently depending on our environment and our lifestyle. This is what is known as epigenetics, highlighted by Joël de Rosnay in his book “The symphony of life”.


We have a musical score – our genetic heritage – and we can play with our health, harmoniously or not, according to our interpretation, epigenetics. At any age, we are the conductor of our health.


Let’s take the example of bees whose destiny is based on epigenetics. Within a hive, all female larvae are genetically identical. Those that feed on royal jelly have their gene activity modified: they become queens, fertile and with a long life expectancy of three to five years. All the others become sterile workers, unable to live longer than six months.


“The work on epigenetics is changing the way we think about our health. We now have the means to act on our genetic predispositions,” says Dr Didier Chos, president of the European Institute of Dietetics and Micronutrition (EIDM), a sports doctor and supporter of mesotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy.


From our daily habits, we can act as switches capable of silencing certain harmful genes and activating others that are positive for health, without changing our genome. This means countering genetic predispositions that trigger diseases such as diabetes, obesity, burn-out, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. For us, but also for our descendants.


Thalazur, the leading thalasso group in France, is innovating and offering the Epigenetic Cure, the only one of its kind in France, in eight of its establishments with the help of Doctor Didier Chos.



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“Specialists estimate that 75% of our health capital is based on epigenetics, and only 25% on genetics. Chronic diseases come from bad lifestyle habits”, emphasises Serge Fourcade, Director of Quality at Thalazur, who designed the Epigenetic Cure with the help of Doctor Didier Chos.


The five pillars of good health


Epigenetics identifies five main pillars that constitute the environment for better health and slower ageing. These are detailed in a nice 16-page brochure that is given to participants on arrival at the institution. What are these pillars that keep us firmly on our feet?


1 Healthy food : Mediterranean or Cretan diet, it should bring colour to the plate with seasonal, organic and preferably local products.

2 Physical activity : sport is of course recommended, but you can also walk, garden, take the stairs, dance to music for 15 minutes a day…

3 Stress management : positive thoughts, concentration on breathing, walks in the forest, self-massage, meditation, yoga, etc. all help to calm us down and improve our sleep.

4 Maintain rich social relationships : taking care of your entourage (spouse, children and grandchildren), having positive friendships, widening your circle of acquaintances reduce the risk of illness.

5 Enjoying yourself to age well : laughing for at least 10 minutes a day, listening to music, admiring the trees and birds in the street, visiting exhibitions are all conducive to good health.


The last two points are often forgotten by the Stakhanovists of a healthy life. However, they are essential to the happiness of human beings, who are by nature social beings. Happiness is good for your health.


Slow walking, aquatic osteopathy, table d’hôtes…


In eight of its centres, Thalazur has set to music an introduction to epigenetics built around a six-day cure with 24 treatments and various activities. Doctor Didier Chos helped set up the programmes and ensured that the teams were trained in this brand new discipline.


“The thalasso is the ideal cocoon to accompany this revolution in preventive health, because our body is made up of more than 70% seawater. The five pillars of epigenetics are quite naturally at the heart of our profession”, stresses Serge Fourcade, who is personally a follower of mindfulness meditation and Ayurvedic medicine.


Thus, at the Bains d’Arguin in Arcachon, which has been completely renovated, a dietician’s dietary advice is distilled to a small group of five people during a walk along the seafront to the Moulleau pier. A table d’hôtes evening brings a touch of conviviality between the curists, a link which is often missing in thalassotherapy for those who do not want to remain isolated in their bubble. A naturopathy consultation, the experience of the Iyashi Dome (Japanese sauna), a modelling under fine seawater rain are conducive to relaxation. All this, accompanied by the big smile and the benevolence of a caring staff.


At the Hélianthal in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a trip to the market with the dietician, slow walking, aquatic osteopathy and board games are highlighted. Antibes offers a “breath” workshop and Janzu, an aquatic dance in warm water different from the renowned Watsu. Cabourg praises the merits of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, offers individual sessions of sophrology and cooking classes with the chef.


Let them be reassured! During their cure, thalasso enthusiasts will find the usual treatments they like, such as body and face scrub, seaweed wrap, hydromassage bath, hydrojet, back and stomach modelling, ayurvedic sessions…


At the end of these six days, everyone feels the benefits of the Epigenetic Cure and gradually puts in place new habits. With the satisfaction of having taken their genetic destiny in hand! There is no such thing as a fatality with a bad inheritance. We have free will to create a “good life” according to the teaching of Socrates.


Why don’t we go ?

Epigenetic cure from €2,300 (except Early Booking) for six days and six nights half-board in Arcachon, Royan, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Carnac, Ouistreham, Cabourg, Port Camargue, Antibes.

Tel: +33 (0)1 48 88 89 90





Featured photo : © Thalazur Arcachon

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