The Agency: luxury real estate arrives on our screens for a 2nd season

Notice to fans of luxury real estate, season 2 of The Agency returns to the small screen tonight on TMC. If you don’t know the series yet, follow the guide.


L’Agence is the series “fiction of the real” as Guillaume Wanneroy, general manager of the production company Réservoir Prod, which created the series, whose second season arrives on January 13 on TMC, describes it.


This series depicts the daily life of the Kretz family of luxury real estate agents: Sandrine and Olivier, the parents, Martin, Valentin, Louis, Raphaël, the 4 sons, and Majo, the irresistible grandmother, without forgetting the companions and children of this incredible family. Private hotels, penthouses with a view of Paris, terraces overlooking the Seine and other incredible places are on the program.


In each episode, this endearing family opens the doors of the most beautiful apartments in Paris and elsewhere. This season, the Boulonnaise family decides to expand its business outside Paris and sets out to conquer the provinces. Between famous architects’ houses in Cap Ferret, luxury chalets in the mountains or charming castles in Normandy, there is something for everyone.


L’Agence © Netflix


In the first season, Fabrice Luchini and Lorant Deutsch had made remarkable appearances, and this time, some new faces will be present. We will find the Italian host and author, Luana Belmondo, or the former Miss France, Linda Hardy in search of the perfect property.


For the Kretz family, “The Agency” is above all a family affair. The adventure began in 2007 when Sandrine, a former teacher, and Olivier, an ex-sales manager, took up the crazy challenge of creating a company and founded Kretz & Partners. They didn’t know much about real estate but they were determined to work together. 15 years later, three of their four sons, Martin, Valentin and Louis joined the agency located in Boulogne-Billancourt. The family has carved out a place for itself on the ultra-competitive luxury real estate scene by selling exceptional properties that are rarely worth less than a million euros.


L’Agence © Netflix


With an average audience of 581,000 viewers and a 2.6% market share over the three weeks of broadcasting last year, The Agency was able to seduce with its panoramic views, family quarrels and demanding clients. Season 2 will air this January 13 at 9:15 p.m. on TMC, and Season 1 can be found on Netflix.





Featured photo : © SamPinto/TMC

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