The DAPAT endowment fund awards its “Coup de Cœur 2021” prizes

Behind the acronym DAPAT lies the first endowment fund specifically dedicated to women in distress and homeless mothers. This year, for the first time, the fund has awarded several “Coup de Coeur” prizes, which aim to reward initiatives, actions or means implemented to improve knowledge of these disadvantaged women.


DAPAT was founded in October 2020 by Danielle Rousseau de Giovanni and Patrick de Giovanni. They wished to combine their experiences and sensitivities in order to act for women in very precarious situations.


Danielle Rousseau de Giovanni decided to embark on this adventure when she became aware of the difficulties faced by women in “a world made by men and for men“. Her ambition is to promote the autonomy and independence of women. She is also the founder in France of the DIRIGEANTES network, which aims to facilitate the progression of women in the business world.


For his part, Patrick de Giovanni is a specialist in private equity. He has a long experience in supporting entrepreneurs and managers in the creation and development of companies of all sizes. He is also sensitive to the field of food aid for the most disadvantaged and more generally to the situation of the homeless.


Danielle Rousseau de Giovanni and Patrick de Giovanni, founders of the DAPAT endowment fund. Featured photo: DAPAT


The endowment fund has significant capital at its disposal, which enables it to support and carry out missions of general interest aimed at improving the living conditions of women in vulnerable situations and homeless mothers. The endowment fund thus acts on social, professional, health and cultural levels. The programmes it supports aim to promote the autonomy and dignity of women. Such an approach makes it possible to fight against exclusion, isolation, poverty and all forms of violence and discrimination that may be directed at them.


If DAPAT has chosen to focus its action on helping women in very precarious situations, it is because in France, according to the Institut National d’Études Démographiques, two out of five homeless people are women. These women face particular difficulties linked to their gender, and are subject to a lot of violence.


Many personalities were present. Frank Dubosc presented the prize to the Mamama association. Featured photo : DAPAT


To help them, DAPAT is committed to raising awareness among the general public and institutions about the condition of women in precarious situations and homeless mothers. To this end, the endowment fund supports study or research projects by granting them financial aid. The aim here is to enable in-depth work to be carried out on the origins of precariousness, as well as to observe the impact of associations in the field and social organisations.


At the same time, DAPAT awarded its “Coup de Coeur” prizes for the first time this year. Five associations were thus designated as winners and recognised for their action during the year 2020. The first prize was awarded to the Femmes Debout association, which works for disadvantaged women in the town of Dole, and which carries out several actions for access to health and culture, as well as against the violence they suffer.


The actress Elsa Zyberlstein presented the first prize to the association Femmes Debout. Featured photo : DAPAT.


Other winners included Bagageries Solidaires 92, which works to promote the reintegration of people in precarious situations, and Le Camion Douche, which aims to respond to the precarious hygiene needs of women in precarious situations. MaMaMa was also rewarded for its actions in favour of young mothers in precarious situations during their child’s first thousand days. Finally, the last winning association is Tente Beauté Mobile, which provides hair and beauty care to vulnerable women.


The first prize received a donation of 15,000 euros, and the other four were awarded 10,000 euros.




Featured Photo : © Ideat

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