The giant Jacquemus bags that cross Paris: dream or reality?

The famous Provencal brand Jacquemus is no longer presented. Friend of the stars, darling of fashion but also ace of marketing. The eponymous designer delivered Wednesday on Instagram a new campaign as surreal as humorous. Giant Bambino bags as buses, what more could you ask for?


Place de l’Opéra, Wednesday, April 5, mid-afternoon. Three giant bambinos cross the road at high speed. No, no, bambinos, they are not children, but the iconic bags of the brand Jacquemus.


These accessories with acidulous colors have been transformed, the time of a marketing operation, into a hybrid bus.


They can be seen on the brand’s Instagram post, which already has millions of reactions and likes. Many public figures and influencers have commented. And the fans of the brand are as much conquered as surprised. When we browse a little on the publication, we can read “Paris traffic but make it fashion” or “Genius!!!”. Some milliners even make a nod to the famous series Emily in Paris: “I just know Emily is behind this genius marketing campaign”.



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Une publication partagée par JACQUEMUS (@jacquemus)


The jacquebus


Like real buses, the “jacquebus” have windows and four wheels. But the illusion stops there because it is impossible to embark in real life in these vehicles full of poetry! This video gathers 3D images, made by the artist Ian Padgham and his studio Origiful. Specialized in 3D graphic construction, the American artist has already worked with the Parisian brand a few weeks earlier, creating a digital work representing a washing machine filled with Bambino, in the window of Galeries Lafayette.



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Une publication partagée par Ian Padgham (@origiful)


And with this big marketing coup, the brand is once again talking about its famous and iconic bambino bag, one of the most famous and requested of the brand.


According to Fashionunited and the Google Trends tool, searches on the brand and its bag have risen sharply in the last two days. “Jacquemus ad campaign” has increased by 900% in one day, while “Jacquemus” takes the top spot in clicks associated with the brand. And of course, because a marketing coup goes with purchases and excitement, the protagonist of this ad, the Bambino, has seen its interest swelled.


For those whose name is not familiar, the Bambino is one of the best sellers of the French House. Created in 2019, this small rectangle bag now comes in a multitude of colors, shapes and materials. We find on the site different models like the small Bambino, the large or, the latest, the Bambimou, which is made of soft leather as its name suggests.



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Une publication partagée par JACQUEMUS (@jacquemus)


Jacquemus is definitely the king of Instagram and fashion.


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Featured photo : ©Jacquemus/Instagram

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