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The leading female fashion influencers

The leading female fashion influencers

Over time, the luxury industry, and more specifically the fashion industry, has been able to keep up with the digitalization. When we say digitalization, we mean social networks, especially since these channels have become more than indispensable in the last year. The most popular trend? That of the influencers, with a considerable influence on the choice of customers, especially the younger generations, hence their name. Here are influencers not to be missed according to Sunshy Digital Media Agency.


Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho)


Camila Coelho, a Brazilian-American entrepreneur, developed her interest in beauty, makeup and fashion at the tender age of 14. From a childhood dream, Camila made her way to participate in the runway shows of Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Celine, Marc Jacobs, TomFord, Max Mara, etc… She then worked for Revolve and became a partner of Camila Coelho Collection. It was also recently, during the health crisis, that Camila launched her beauty brand Elaluz and thanks to her work, she obtained the title of global entrepreneur in the industry.



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Kate Yuille (@ultrasophistiqué)


Kate Yuille is a fashion blogger based in London who is inspired by Parisian style while adding a touch of luxury. Her style is reminiscent of TV shows like “Gossip Girl” and “Emily in Paris” whose beauty and outfits are the stuff of dreams. Tweed, bright colors, berets and headbands are all part of the influencer’s unique and ultra-feminine wardrobe. Elegance and sophistication are the key words of Kate and reveal through her Instagram a high fashion style inspired by the brands of iconic designers like Chanel and Dior.



Christina Clyburn (@millenialmomblog)


As her account name proudly states, millennial mom Christina Clyburn has won over her followers with hip, bold and sometimes quirky style. This influencer perfectly blends the modern experience, fashion and funk style.  Driven by her unique fashion sense, this millennial mom has been able to adopt a passionate discourse on the silliness of social media throughout her posts. Indeed, her real talk about the struggles of parenting has endeared herself to the audience with her authenticity by creating a closeness with the audience. Her stories of collaboration and smart use of her presence have graced the marketing efforts of various brands.



Sejal Joshi (@sejaljofficial)


Young entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sejal Joshi, is wowing the digital fashion world with her power dressing: an unconventional yet professional approach to fashion and styling.  Her influence has paid off for many professional women who want to dress for success while working hard. Her talent for understanding the sartorial needs of businesswomen probably comes from her entrepreneurial activity. She founded a handcrafted jewelry company that focuses on sustainability and timeless fashion jewelry. Her ever-growing business allocates its 20% profit to the artisans and the rest is reinvested in her own business to grow and reach the most people.



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Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford)


A bubbly personality with a wicked sense of humor, here’s what you’ll find on Chrissy Rutherford’s account in addition to her unique fashion spirit. The account reveals daily fashion stories that are unique to the influencer and that represent her common thread. Among her stories? Her in-store peeks at her glamorous and luxurious looks. Known for her impressive list of collaborations and digital skills, she regularly adds value to styling while encouraging young people to go all out to live their dreams.



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Damilola (@edaowofashion)


Damilola is a young fashion enthusiast driven by her motivation to wear and introduce unique fashion to the industry. Her influence began when, intrigued by the world of clothing, she liked to describe her moods with what she was wearing. Her style offers feminine, chic, trendy and original looks through popular brands.



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Abisola Omole (@abimarvel)


Abisola Omole or Abimarvel, as she is fondly known by her community, started her career in 2008. From her admiration for fashion and lifestyle blogging, she created The Apārtment Global Group (TAGG), a platform that fosters for any online creator, organic relationships and partnerships with brands, content creation, new product discovery as well as belonging to a new online community. Positivity and optimism dominate this influencer’s world. Her remarkable collaborations and exceptional talent have kept her in the social media spotlight.

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Erna Leon (@mercer7officiel)


Erna Leon’s experience was born out of a gap she found in the fashion industry when she did her personal shopping in online stores. She launched MERCER7 where the most beautiful, easy to wear and simple to style pieces are presented. Through minimal and effortless clothing, her industry caters to women, so they can easily get the right fit that adds perfect and effortless charm to their styles. Erna has also captured the confidence of her community with durable pieces as well as her investment pieces rather than fast fashion trends.


Freddie Harrel (@freddieharrel)


Bold prints and printed sports suits: these are the pieces that have made Freddie Harrel a household name on Instagram. A presence on the network since 2013, she is known for adding a voice to women’s empowerment with the SHE Unleashed workshop series. While her series enthusiastically explains the issues and problems of women’s experiences, including feelings of otherness, identity politics, unconscious bias, racism, and sexism, she managed to win Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year in 2018.



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