The Master & Dynamic MG20, the first luxury gaming headset

Master & Dynamic has announced the launch of its MG20 model, a luxury gaming headset for the PS4 and PS5 consoles. This is the company’s first model dedicated to the video game world.


The Xbox already had its own high-end gaming headset, the Beoplay Portal, manufactured by Bang & Olufsen. The MG20 is Sony’s answer to its main competitor.


Master & Dynamic is a company that specialises in headphones, speakers and audio accessories. The company therefore has a wealth of expertise, which it has used to create the MG20, which is made from magnesium, lambskin and Alcantara. It has thoughtful and functional audio features that are perfect for gaming.


A versatile luxury headset


Originally designed for the PS5, the MG20‘s use actually goes far beyond that, and the headset can adapt not only to the PS4, but also to computers thanks to the inclusion of a low-latency USB adapter. The headset will also be able to connect to smartphones thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This versatility, which allows the headset to adapt to all gaming platforms and types of entertainment, is one of the many strengths of the MG20.

Versatile, the MG20 can be adapted to almost any type of platform. Featured photo : Master & Dynamic


The battery life is also a consideration. According to Master & Dynamic, the MG20‘s battery life will be 22 hours on a single charge. The headset can also recharge half of its power in just thirty minutes via a USB-C connection, allowing for long sessions of gaming, music, TV or film. Even better, a smart sensor function on the head saves battery power when you’re not gaming. The MG20 is equipped with 50mm beryllium drivers and will come with 7.1 surround sound for added immersion.


Features that aim to provide the best possible experience.


Beyond its versatility and the luxury materials used in its design such as the soft Alcantara headband and lambskin memory foam ear pads, the MG20 is designed to make gaming sessions smooth and enjoyable.


The headset comes with a high-quality detachable boom mic for increased clarity in voice chat. But it also has an internal microphone array, which can also be used in a voice chat, or just for everyday calls.


The MG20 has both internal and external microphones. Featured photo : Master & Dynamic

In addition, the headset includes separate dials to adjust the chat and game volume independently of each other. Thus, the MG20 offers the ability to balance and fine-tune the listening experience to make it perfect. The headset is available in two different colours, Galactic White and Black Onyx. It will be available for sale on November 16 for $449 in the US and €449 in Europe.




Featured photo : © Master & Dynamic

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