“The Monolith”: The monumental exhibition of the international artist Dorota Bednarek to be seen during Les Places d’Or

Dressed in metal, the monumental work of Dorota Bednarek will be exhibited from November 2 to 7, 2020 at the hotel Le Meurice, where the luxury packaging design show “Les Places d’Or” will be held.


Overlooking the Rivoli Gardens, “Le Monolith” made of metal and black concrete creates a sensation. It reminds us of Kubrick’s “Odyssée de l’Espace 2001”. One particularity however: one of the faces of the work represents the ocean. The water of this ocean embodies the cradle of life and the essence of our cells. Dorota Bednarek’s work as a whole symbolizes a new consciousness, nestled in the heart of our soul and spirit. According to the author, only consciousness can help us to come out of the darkness in order to find our light and inner peace.


Moreover, the materials used to design the Monolith easily capture the light, giving this part of the production the aspect of a moving sea. An autonomous source of light, drawn from solar energy, is also associated with the work. Metals, crystals, minerals and glass shine with a thousand lights.


Dorota Bednarek’s work is not only about sight. The monolith actually emits a soothing sound that covers the noise of the swell in 528 Hertz. The sound emitted by the Monolith is therefore tuned to the frequency of healing and love. Through his work, the author invites us to reconsider these fundamental values and to place them at the heart of our representations. It is a question of leaving the human and love an essential place in our lives. These values should replace materialism and over-consumption inherent to our current society and caused, according to the author, by an imbalance between matter and spirit.


Raising current societal problems is at the heart of Dorota Bednarek’s work, which considers that the primary role of an artist is to elevate the other and to help them see what they no longer see, swept away by the current of life. Dorota Bednarek is an internationally renowned artist whose work has been exhibited in private and public collections for the past 25 years. She is a committed artist full of hope for today’s society. In her words, “A winner is a dreamer who has never given in.






Featured photo : © Dorota Bednarek

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