The most expensive ingredients in the world that are virtuous for our skin.


Luxury brands have the gift of making us dream about the virtues that their products confer: perfect skin, wrinkles erased, acne removed … For some products this may turn out to be true, some raw materials used fully justify their exorbitant price. Among them: diamond, gold, ruby, caviar, truffle.


Beware, this does not mean that the more expensive it is, the more beneficial it is for our physique, even if this is what we would tend to believe. Among all these products at a very expensive price, only those using luxurious raw materials with exceptional virtues can allow a result “proportional” to their commercial value.


The Diamond


Many brands have chosen to exploit the diamond for its benefits, this stone is indeed a real jewel for the skin. First of all, it has a very exfoliating virtue that allows to smooth the skin and its imperfections with its angular grains that eliminate dead cells. Secondly, diamond is an impressive light reflector that has a rejuvenating effect. Its microparticles are incorporated into the epidermis and illuminate the face, allowing wrinkles to be reduced. It also stimulates the production of collagen and therefore firms up.


© Excellence energy diamond energy night care Eisenberg


The Gold


The precious metal is also a reflector of light, and thus allows the skin an exceptional radiance and a badly illuminated look. It unifies the skin’s texture and promotes blood circulation. It reduces and soothes redness, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Its antibacterial action tones and revitalizes dull skin. Thanks to its antioxidant side, it prevents the phenomenon of premature ageing. It is moreover 10 times more powerful than hyaluronic acid. It protects skin cells from oxidation and accelerates collagen production. The use of gold in products does not date from yesterday, Cleopatra applied a gold mask every evening before going to bed.


© The gold of life the rich Dior cream


The ruby


The queen of gemstones regulates sebum levels and fights against imperfections thanks to its high chromium content. Ruby microparticles also give the skin a natural rosy glow. This stone is best known for its health benefits, it treats heart and circulatory problems, lowers cholesterol levels, improves visual acuity….


© Beauty diffuser Galénic


The caviar


The benefits of caviar on the skin are considerable, particularly in the fight against aging. It reinforces the hydrolipidic film and the elasticity of the epidermis, it stimulates the production of collagen and thus gives the skin suppleness and firmness. Caviar owes its virtues to its composition, it contains 47 vitamins and minerals : magnesium, calcium, amino acids, omega 3, vitamins (A and D), trace elements, yolk, … components that the skin appreciates. Moreover, this richness allows this sea product to extend its benefits to hair therapies, body creams and make-up products. La prairie is the leading brand using caviar-based treatments and has a whole ritual based on it.


© Skin Caviar Liquid Lift La Prairie


The truffle


Like the aforementioned luxury ingredients, the main virtue of the black truffle is its anti-aging effect thanks to its amino acids, it activates the formation of collagen fibers, regenerates cells and strengthens their elasticity. The black truffle is also a hair inhibitor by allowing the cell initially intended to become a hair to become a skin cell. As for the white truffle, it contains vitamins A and E, and prevents the action of melanin for an anti-pigmentary stain action.


© Conditioner Philip B



It should also be remembered that one of the most expensive creams, at 10,000€ per 50g jar, has unknown ingredients because they have not been revealed: it is the key skin beauty cream. But in a world where outward appearance is a priority for most people, the luxury industry tends to make us believe that only expensive products have virtues for our physique and that the rest is not of sufficient quality. This belief may be true when it comes to products containing ingredients such as those mentioned above, for example.



On the other hand, there are organic and natural products that are quite accessible, which have much more benefits and do not attack the latter as opposed to many products. The main ingredients are tea tree, Calendula flower, oats, ginseng…





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