These decorating tips will give your home a boost for the holidays

How can you accessorise your home to give it a festive and luxurious touch? Follow the guide!


In a conversation with HT Lifestyle, Gagandeep Dua, founder and principal architect of the Metropolitan Architecture Studio, offers easy-to-make end-of-year decorating ideas that will bring warmth and luxury to your home.


Brass and copper decor


Metallic accents and decorations can give your home an irresistibly chic feel. Brass and copper bring modernity, and many designers use these metallic elements liberally to enhance a room. These two metals create a pleasant and serene atmosphere while adding elegance and luxury.


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Sparkling cushions and lush fabrics


The best and cheapest addition is to buy cushions with gold accents. To accessorise a sofa or bed, opt for glittery or gold cushions or pillowcases, which are very fashionable during the festive season.


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Fresh flowers


Adding fresh flowers and plants to your home decor is the easiest way to brighten it up! The traditional pot can also be replaced with old brass containers from the attic or recycled wooden crates to add creativity to the décor.


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Lighting brings a space to life. Opt for strip lights, installed on the outside of the house. Extravagant lighting can also be added, such as a chandelier or table lamps with a striking design to completely change the atmosphere of the room.





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