Tik-Tok: The 4 women’s fashion trends that are a hit

What better way than Tik-Tok to get inspired and discover new outfit combinations in your wardrobe? Here is a quick tour of the 4 fashion trends that have recently stood out.


The 90’s


Fashion is an eternal cycle. And this year, it’s the 90’s that are making their comeback. With very clean lines, long skirts, plated buns and low-rise jeans, Tik-Tok is overrun with the fashion of 30 years ago. We suggest you go all the way and accessorize your outfits with typical 90’s jewelry, like huge hoop earrings or chains to slip over a visible belly (low waist obliges).


Bella Hadid © Teen Vogue


XXL accessories


To stand out, what better way than to invest or bring out your XXL accessories? It can be boots with studs, huge bags or hair accessories. On a simple outfit, they will attract the eye and complete your look wonderfully!


© collagevintage2


Full of color


Who said bright colors don’t mix? Certainly not Tik-Tok, which has been seeing hundreds of colorful looks lately. Pink, blue, yellow and why not even a hint of glitter will make you look good instantly and bring joy to these rainy days.


© Chatelaine.com


The oversized blazer


Last but not least, the last trend of TikTok: the blazer. But oversized please! To be found in thrift shops or vintage stores (in the men’s department), the oversized blazer gives that je ne sais quoi that immediately boosts the look for a crazy and glamorous allure!


©  CMC





Featured photo : © Styles du Monde

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