Visit La Piscine museum of Roubaix without leaving your home !


One year after its reopening and after welcoming more than 300,000 visitors, the museum continues to expand and has just made a virtual visit available on its website.


To carry out this project, La Piscine was able to count on the know-how of the start-up Immerseeve, incubated at Plaine Images in the city of Tourcoing.


With a system worthy of Google Maps, the museum offers a specific visit to each of its rooms. We first arrive at a superb 3D representation of the Museum, seen from above, then we dive directly into the reception area and the visit can begin.


To move around, the system is very simple, just click on the circles on the ground.


The most of this tool ? You can choose to measure any element of the decor, canvases, sculptures … and even the elements of the building. Several new places to visit are even accessible online !


Available on smartphone, computer or using a virtual reality headset, this mechanism is a way to rekindle the emotions aroused by a visit to the museum or to familiarize yourself with the places before planning your visit.


This museum was originally a swimming pool. Opened in 1932, this complex welcomed schools and individuals to practice swimming. It was a gathering place highly appreciated by the inhabitants of Roubaix. In 1994, Jean-Paul Philippon had the idea of creating a Solidarity Museum, in order to keep the soul and the values of the place.


In 2001, the structure changed completely to become the museum of art and industry we know today. Bright transparent floors accompanied by sublime stained glass windows, everything is being done to perpetuate this emblematic place of the city located in the north of France.


Following the current context, more and more museums are offering virtual tours to have the feeling of going out a little bit from home. Other cultural sites also allow you to admire their works online. This is the case of the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille and the Louvre Museum in Lens, for example !


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