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What is the colour of the year 2024 according to Pantone?

What is the colour of the year 2024 according to Pantone?

A few days ago, the colour and trend specialist unveiled the shade that will be the star of 2024. It’s Peach Fuzz, a soft, fresh peach shade that oscillates between pink and orange.


Viva Magenta red was named the colour of 2023, and now the Pantone Institute’s committee of forty or so specialists has revealed the hue for the coming year. It is expected to influence trends in fashion, marketing, design and beauty.

In 2024, the flagship colour will be Peach Fuzz. This shade, described by Pantone as warm, subtly sensual, poetic and romantic, is intended to be discreet but powerful. “PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a soft, velvety peach with a universal appeal that warms the heart, mind and body,” says the institute.


Why Peach Fuzz?


The purpose of this colour is to spread a message of tenderness and kindness, driven by a desire to come together and enjoy a certain calm. Like a sanctuary shared by all communities.


© Pantone


Pantone explains its choice by the unrest in the daily lives of everyone and, more broadly, within society itself. The result is a need for empathy, comfort, human connection, lightness and simple happiness in the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

This shade, a delicious marriage of pink and orange, reflects a certain vintage universe that resonates with the modern world.


How can this peach colour be used in everyday life ?


Easy to combine with other more intense or neutral colours, this pastel shade can easily be incorporated into any interior. We can imagine decorative objects, a curly fabric armchair or peach-coloured crockery.


© Fauteuil toile coton lin Helma Am.Pm


On the beauty front, Peach Fuzz is ideal for luminous spring make-up. Used as a blush or eye shadow, this colour gives a natural, no-frills glow to the face.


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© Balmain


In fashion terms, these delicate peach accents can be worn as a monochrome total look, or combined with deep shades for contrast. A shade already seen on many of the catwalks for the Spring Summer 2024 collections. Examples include Balmain’s pleated flared dress, Alaïa’s near-transparent latex ensemble, Patou’s tayloring silhouette, Roksanda’s satin one-sleeve long dress and David Koma’s second-skin dress with floral details.


© David Koma


So many references to include this apricot colour in your everyday life next year.



Featured photo: © Pantone