World’s highest luxury hotel has opened its doors in Shanghai

Opened on Saturday 19 June, the “J Hotel” has opened in Shanghai, China, and became the world’s highest luxury hotel.


Standing 632 metres high, the hotel is part of the Jin Jiang International Hotels Group, a high-end Chinese hotel chain. Located in the heart of Lujiazui, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the country’s economic capital.


The J Hotel occupies the top floors of the Shanghai Tower, the tallest tower in China and the second tallest skyscraper in the world, after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 metres).


Spanning some 20 floors, from the 84th to the 105th, the J Hotel has 165 rooms and 34 luxury suites. However, the hotel has rooms and a restaurant on the 120th floor of the tower.


One of the hotel’s double rooms. © Shanghai Tower


Indeed, like any high-end hotel, it has a swimming pool, seven restaurants, several bars, a Reiki spa and a fitness centre.


One of the hotel’s bars. © Shanghai Tower


As for the decoration, it has been designed to reflect the history and culture of China. With metal, enamels, glazes, lacquers, crystal and mosaics, the decoration has been carefully designed to create a breathtaking space that is as creative as it is resplendent.


The decoration inspired by Chinese culture. © Shanghai Tower


As far as rates are concerned, you can expect to pay €400 to stay in one of the 165 rooms at the J Hotel. However, the suite prices are not as affordable. A night in the “J Suite“, the hotel’s most luxurious suite, decorated with crystal chandeliers and a private sauna, costs more than 67,000 yuan, or about €8700.


On the day of our opening, even the web page was overloaded with so many very interested visitors and they have such a strong desire to come and experience our hotel. Of course, this is very encouraging for all of us, but at the same time, we are committed to making sure that all our guests are well taken care of” , said Renee Wu, Director of Sales and Marketing of Jin Jiang International Hotels Group.




Featured photo : © Scoopdyga

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