YourArt: the new Youtube of art?

Last May, Maurice Lévy, Publicis Chairmain and founder of Viva Technology (Vivatech) – the trade show dedicated to innovation – launched a new digital platform called YouArt. The goal? Offering professional artists, as well as amateurs, an exhibition and sales space for their works of art.


Did you know Youtube? Discover YourArt, the new digital platform developed by Maurice Lévy, which aims to give visibility to artists, both professionals and beginners, for the sale of their works of art.


YourArt wants to become the world’s leading art and tech platform, with the largest number of artists, galleries, collectors and amateurs,” the former Publicis boss told France Inter.


At just 81 years old, this businessman combines in this digital project two passions: art and technology. It is also a family adventure, since he has just launched YourArt with his son, Stéphane, who remains the vice-president.


YourArt Team

When art invites itself on the virtual canvas


To realize his project, the businessman organized a first fundraising, which amounted to 9 million euros, with the help of his family, friends and rich investors such as Henry Kravis, billionaire and founder of the American fund KKR.


But concretely, what is YourArt? You know the principle of music platforms? It’s pretty much the same. Here, any artist can subscribe, up to 10 to 30 euros per month, to be able to exhibit his works in a custom digital space. Portfolio, virtual gallery, showcase, there is something for everyone. As the model of the American video platform Youtube, confirmed artists or simple art lovers can access it and create their book, unique and revolutionary.


Another originality, the platform not only allows to exhibit, sell or buy, it is also possible to play the contemplative by allowing anyone to create his imaginary museum from works found on the web or presented on the site and thus make known and support his favorite artists.


Overview of the YourArt platform


In addition to artists, art galleries can also become members and use the virtual canvas to increase the visibility of their events and exhibitions. In addition to the monthly subscription, the site charges 5 to 10% commission. Finally, YouArt revolutionizes art, while taking the place of an agent, in a way.


Art to conquer the world


Maurice Lévy did not choose this new project by chance. Indeed, this great art collector has paintings of masters such as Soulages and Dubuffet. At one time he was also the former president of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris: “Around 2008, I came across a study that struck me: it showed the incredible number of amateur artists – tens of millions to practice regularly – and their frustration at not being able to show their works. So I had the idea to offer them the largest gallery in the world,” he says about YouArt.


Like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, YourArt wants to be international. Originally from France, its president aims to develop the platform across the old continent and then across the globe.


We are creating a French platform here, with a European ambition in 2024, then global,” he said.


Just out, the company already has 22 employees and enlisted 1000 artists, which is clearly above the founder’s expectations. And it’s not over. For the moment, the first feature has been announced, but other novelties are coming like NFTs – with the ability for any artist to get royalties – and a messaging to “create a social network of art“.


Between art, technology, new concept and followers, YourArt intends to take off. Its founder may see life in pink (and many other colors) for the months and years to come.


Therefore, the site pursues a single objective: to decompartmentalize and democratize the art world.




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