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Luxury: 5 liquid soaps that fight germs without drying your hands

Luxury: 5 liquid soaps that fight germs without drying your hands

In this time of health crisis, our hands are drier than ever, because we are constantly flocking to sinks to fight against the transfer of germs.


One of the main recommendations of the government to deal with the epidemic of Coronavirus is to wash your hands regularly.


The constant washing of hands unfortunately has a negative point: it can quickly make the fingers cracked and flaking. However, good quality hand gels can solve this problem.


Indeed, they combine all the cleansing properties that humans need with ingredients that are good for the skin.

If you’re concerned about dry skin, Dr. Robinson advises using formulas containing ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter.


While some people use a hand sanitizer as a substitute, Arizona-based doctor Dr. Amy Shah maintains that nothing beats real soap every time you get it.


As far as the coronavirus is concerned, it is a virus, not a bacterium, so antibacterial soaps are not necessarily necessary,” said Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, a Connecticut dermatologist.


It is therefore essential to choose a good quality product.


Here are 5 perfectly effective and luxurious soaps to try urgently if you want to preserve your skin and your health. Count around 30 €.

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Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Liquid Soap
& Salt Sea
22 $

The immersive blend of sea salt, white tea, and coconut, leaves hands feeling smooth, supple, and and smelling oh-so-good.


Signature Scent Liquid Soap
38 $

With a natural, non-drying formulation, this soap leaves hands feeling pillow-soft while you clack away at your laptop.


Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash
39 $

This cleansing wash contains finely ground pumice stones and lactic acid for gentle exfoliation without drying. With extracts of vetiver root and petitgrain, weary hands will be soothed in no time.


Cote d’Azur Revitalizing Hand Wash
36 $

This rich and gentle lather, formulated with the blend of meadowfoam, sweet almond and starflower oil, provides a luxurious wash from start to finish.


Orange Sanguine Hand Soap
30 $

This French-milled, vegetable-based soap is blended with aloe vera and shea butter, restoring softness almost immediately upon contact.

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